Here’s an Easy Way to Set Yourself Apart

There is a good chance that you’re not the only person around doing what you do.  If that is the case, and you have no competition for your business, then you have to evaluate to see if there is actually a market for what you are doing.  Because you likely do have some competition, you need to set yourself apart so that when people choose who to work with, they choose you.

Set Yourself Apart

You are the only one that offers your services the way that you do.  But how are you going to let your clients, prospects, and customers know about you?  How are they going to know that you’re different, or that you even exist?  There are some ways set yourself apart.
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Perfection is Something to be Achieved

There are many people out there that will criticize you when you say that you’re striving for perfection.  They say it is unattainable so why bother?  They say that you’re only setting yourself up for failure.  They say that you should strive to be the best you can possibly be because that is what you will be (which is rubbish and simply means good enough is good enough if that’s what you want).  To me good enough is never good enough.  Perfection is the only way to go.

We can achieve excellence

“Perfection is not attainable.  But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Vince Lombardi

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Life is All about Improving

Ski with those better than you; you need a mentorBack when I was in high school, I used to go downhill skiing every single weekend that the mountain was open.  For 4 years I would save my money so that I could buy a season pass (it wasn’t all that hard, there was one year that passes were a mere $99), and that was my leisure of choice.  I would generally rack up about 30 days on the slopes every season; most of them with a friend that had similar interest in the sport.

One day while heading up the lift, he said something that stood out to me.  Something that comes to mind quite often, and later in life I realized it applied to more than just skiing.  His sage advice wasn’t really all that profound, but it became that way as I pondered it.

“If you want to become a better skier, you have to ski with those better than you.”

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Don’t Spend Money on Marketing if Your Work isn’t Perfect

Too many times I run into clients, prospects, and acquaintances with the mindset that there is every day work, and there is marketing work.  What I mean by that is they whip through the humdrum stuff of their job, but then when it comes to marketing they pour hours into every little detail.  Now they never actually say any of this, but it’s very evident in the way they conduct business.

Marketing Plan

And it drives me crazy.  To use an old cliché, they are cutting off the nose to spite the face.  If you fall into this category, pay attention.  Your work is part of your marketing!

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It’s All about Your Employees

Smart Employee BillingsThere are certain fallacies in the business world that many people choose to believe.  Some are reasonable, and some seem like they should be true.  This fallacy falls into that second category.

A business is only as good as its employees.  Without them, everything would crumble and fail as the owner would desperately be trying to work in the business instead of working on the business.  So what’s this fallacy?

It’s the idea that if you hire someone smarter than you, they won’t stick around.  Here’s why you want to hire smarter.

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How to Sell without Selling

If you’re in business, then you know that sales are the lifeblood of the company.  As soon as the sales dry up, your business does too.  So it seems a bit counterintuitive that you should stop trying to sell people when that’s the only thing keeping you in business.

Pushing the Sale

This is how you look when you push a sale

The trick is that people want solutions.  They don’t want to be sold.  When you figure out that you’re a solution provider, and not a salesman (or woman) that is when selling gets easy and you can basically stop trying.

Here’s how that works.

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Want Your Clients to Stick Around Forever?

Nobody likes to constantly be prospecting for new clients.  Instead, you want them to sign up, and stick around for life.  So how do you gain a client for life?

Marketing Billings

The answer is actually a whole lot easier than you realize.  But when it comes time to put it into practice, then that is where you have to start to dig a little deeper and really think about how to make it happen.  Keeping a client around for life all begins with what you can do for them.

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Anxiety is a Natural Response to External Situations

Every week I read some great quotes. They are brilliant little insights, but sometimes they need a little bit more to explain how they can be applied to our lives. Quotes to Live By is a new series that I’m starting, where we look at a quote (generally from someone famous) and then break it down into actionable steps.

“Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation, and action.” – David Kekich

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Use a Morning Routine to Maximize Your Productivity

Productivity ChartEntrepreneurs and business owners all have one thing in mind: to maximize productivity. In order to do that they can’t just work harder; while that will improve productivity, it does it by creating more work. Instead, they have to work harder and put systems in place to be more productive. One of the biggest things that is missed when it comes to productivity is the morning routine. I have seen countless business owners struggle because they skip this important piece of the day.

Here is how I have scheduled my morning routine in order to maximize productivity throughout the day.

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Interest Charges on Student Loan Debt

Student loan debtIf you have recently graduated from college, you likely have loans. As the costs of college increase (they’re rapidly approaching $1.5 trillion!), so does the debt burden that young graduates are feeling. But how much is that student loan debt costing you? Here is a quick look at the math behind student loans.

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