Exploring the Mountains Near Salt Lake City

Every year Justin, my friend from El Paso, and I meet up to explore a new area.  After many years of exploring areas near where we live, we decided to explore areas where neither of us had ever been before.  Last year we toured around in the Colorado Mountains; this year we settled on the Utah Mountains.

Adventures in the Utah Mountains

While I had driven through the area a number of times (usually on my way to go rock climbing at Red Rocks National Park near Las Vegas), I had never truly stopped to explore and see what was nearby.  The biggest shocker was how close everything was to downtown.  In less than an hour you can be from the middle of Salt Lake City, to parked and ready to hike to a mountain lake.

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A Review of our Florida Adventure

After each vacation, trip, or experience, I like to write a long blog style post giving an in depth look at some of the places we visited and experienced.  For those searching, these can be resources to use in making a decision on your next trip.

Cabana Bay Resort in Orlando

This write-up was a little different than most.  As the trip went along I wrote each evening in order to capture the ideas and the moments as they happened.  However, it turned out that it’s now more of a journal/diary entry instead of a review or guide.
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Planning a Trip to the San Diego Area?

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip down to San Diego with my family.  We wanted to get away for a little bit, do the tourist thing, see the beach, and have a relaxing vacation.  While that is a little hard to do with a three-year old in tow, we did have the opportunity to explore and see the sights.

1 Mission Beach

While everyone’s trip will be a bit different, here is what I found to be a good deal, a waste of time, nice amenities, and a waste of money.  Looking at a trip to San Diego?  Keep reading!

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