A Review of our Florida Adventure

After each vacation, trip, or experience, I like to write a long blog style post giving an in depth look at some of the places we visited and experienced.  For those searching, these can be resources to use in making a decision on your next trip.

Cabana Bay Resort in Orlando

This write-up was a little different than most.  As the trip went along I wrote each evening in order to capture the ideas and the moments as they happened.  However, it turned out that it’s now more of a journal/diary entry instead of a review or guide.
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Planning a Trip to the San Diego Area?

I recently had the opportunity to take a trip down to San Diego with my family.  We wanted to get away for a little bit, do the tourist thing, see the beach, and have a relaxing vacation.  While that is a little hard to do with a three-year old in tow, we did have the opportunity to explore and see the sights.

1 Mission Beach

While everyone’s trip will be a bit different, here is what I found to be a good deal, a waste of time, nice amenities, and a waste of money.  Looking at a trip to San Diego?  Keep reading!

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