Get More Done with a Power Hour

Set up your Power HourPower hour is one of those terms that people love to say. It rolls off the tongue, it rhymes, and it sounds important. Unfortunately, most of the time someone is talking about a power hour, they are sitting down with someone (usually their boss), and going over boring concepts and ideas. Fortunately that is not at all what I am talking about in this post.

Most people want to be more productive with their day.  While it’s easy to skip the TV, shorten meals, and remove those types of distractions, it is far harder to keep on task while you’re working.  Keep reading to learn how a power hour can make you far more productive during the day.

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Want Better Concentration? Try my NZT Limitless Pill

Limitless PillYou may not have seen the movie Limitless, which stars Bradley Cooper. And you may not have seen the TV show by the same name (which is like a sequel to the movie). And if you haven’t even heard of either, let me fill you in. In both the movie and the show there is a drug called NZT (or as many call it: the Limitless Pill). When taken the drug sharpens mental acuity dramatically. Those taking the pill can recall memories better, have a heightened sense of perception, and basically become smarter… for 12 hours. When the pill wears off, they go through such extreme withdrawals that some of them actually die. I’ll let you watch the movie or the show for the rest of the details.

As a writer, I want to make sure that my mind is staying on task. Sometimes the appeal of watching cat videos all day long is just too great, and I wanted to be able to focus. So I researched how to make my own NZT, or Limitless Pill, at home. Here is how I did it.

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You Can Improve Your Writing

TypewriterEvery writer faces the same problem at some point in their career. They have what they believe to be brilliant content, and they get it down on paper (or in most cases the screen). They read through it, they publish it, and they sit back waiting for likes, comments, and shares that never appear. Ignoring the fact that there was no SEO or promotion involved, a big reason that people don’t like, comment, and share, is because you need to improve your writing.

Here are 5 ways that you can start writing better content today.

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Blog PostsWhen it comes time to write your blog posts, you will get a ton of different advice. Some say that you should post every day, often several times per day. Others will say that fewer posts, but more in depth is the way to go. So when you sit down to write blog posts for your website, you scratch your head and wonder, “How long should my blog posts be?”

After careful analysis and thorough investigation, I have determined the ideal length for a blog post.

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Billings SEOOne of the best features built into WordPress is the ability to schedule posts out. There is no reason to sit around and publish everything manually. Instead, scheduling will allow you to post at the same time every day, allowing your readers the opportunity to check in at the same time and know that you will have fantastic content up for them to read.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to schedule your posts with WordPress.

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Professional PicturesPictures are an important part of your website. Without them people tend to get lost in a sea of text. They feel as though they are reading a scholarly journal, and will end up getting bored before they even make it to the end.

Too often people end up with pictures on their site that aren’t all that pleasing to look at. The reason isn’t because they don’t have a nice camera, or the fact that they can’t afford Photoshop. No, the reason is that they haven’t learned the simple trick to editing an ordinary picture into amazing.

I am going to show you how you can edit a picture into something pleasing to look at, without investing in outrageous equipment.

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SecretYou can write until your fingers fall off, but if nobody comes to your page, then you are just keeping an online journal. Now there are a number of ways to get people to read what you have to say, one of which is writing headlines that wow in order to encourage people to click and read your content. Here are some of the tricks to writing a headline that makes people want to click rather than pass on by. More »

commentIn this section on writing headlines that wow, I want to dive into how to encourage people to leave feedback. Too often we use social media to share our content, and people interact on the platform where we shared the content. I don’t know the actual statistics, but if you have a catchy headline, such as the one above, people will leave a comment on Facebook or Twitter, and they will never even bother reading the content that you have laid out for them. More »

website views

Get them on the hook

If you are a blogger you know that you need people to read your website.  Without readers there is no hope of earning money from advertising, there is no hope of sustainability, and you might as well be scribbling in your journal before you tuck it under your bed at night.  But the bane of many bloggers is getting people to actually come to their site, read their content, and click on their advertisers or buy their books and programs.  So how do you get people to visit your site and ultimately provide you an income?  The process is fairly simple; in fact, you only need to do one thing. More »

Writer Billings, Montana

If you run a website you have likely heard that it is all about the content. You have to have content to be better ranked in Google, you have to have regularly updated content to be better ranked in Google, you need keyword optimized content to be better ranked in Google, and so on. I have known this for years, yet it was always something that I had read or heard. I had never experienced it. As I grew in my business as a writer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, I knew I had to experience it so I could sell it. So I did a little experiment with my own website. More »