As a freelance writer in Billings, I tend to find myself neglecting my blog.  I get comfortable writing for other publications, and in turn my own website goes vastly without updates.  However, I am working hard at getting a system down where I can make sure to keep my website updated, especially with links back to the sites that have been gracious enough to host my work.  Below you can find links to nearly all of my published works for each of those websites (please note: some links may be dead).


For works posted on the personal finance website One Smart Dollar, click here.

For works posted on the outdoor recreation area of the website Billings 365, click here.


I have also been working on writing content for other websites.  Instead of blog content, such as those listed above, this is content that is kept on the site as information as to what the site is all about.  Here is a portfolio of the work that I have done:

I am currently adding content over at the iDoctor website. More here.


Multiple pages on dangerous drugs, dangerous devices, and workplace discrimination for Arentz Law Group P.C.


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