The following is a working list for the articles that I have authored on the website One Smart Dollar.

Little Wins

Charity Navigator

Selling Shares Online

Health Insurance Costs

Investing Online

Education Past Your 20’s

Rise to the Top

Wealth Management Advisor

Determine Your Value

Money and Happiness

Psychology of Home Ownership

Student Loans and Parents

Credit Union vs. Bank

What is the CFPB?

Overcoming Obstacles 1, 2, 3, 4

Money Advice Tips

Excelling Among the Best

Cheap or Frugal?


One Smart Dollar is a personal finance website where you can go to get information on any topic as it relates to your finances.  There I share how you can maximize the use of your IRA, learn the difference between various types of funds, earn more money on the side, and find out much more information on other topics.  With several other writers, One Smart Dollar offers a vast array of styles and ideas.

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