The following is a working list of the articles I have authored on the website

West Rosebud Creek

Afterbay Pool

Huntley Diversion Dam

The Ramp

Pen’s Cabin

Boulder River

Inn on the Beartooth

Elk Lake

Granite Peak

Chippy Park

Red Pryor Ice Cave

Half Moon Campground

Wild Bill Lake

Veteran’s Park

Glaston Lakes

Central Park

Deadman’s Basin

Natural Bridge

Anita Reservoir

Ice Caves


For I share my knowledge of the Billings area.  I love to get outside and play, and the only thing better than actually getting outside and playing is to tell others about all the unique and wonderful places there are nearby.  If you have ever thought that there is nothing to do in Billings, check out some of my articles.  I bet there is somewhere nearby that you can spend an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend.

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