Learning to be an Introverted Entrepreneur

Throughout my life I have been labeled as different.  Not normal.  Weird.  Strange.

Authority figures and adults would say I’m shy and that someday I would open up and come out of my shell.

It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I fully understood what was “wrong” with me.  It took decades of my life to understand why I think the way I do.

I finally figured out that I’m Left of Normal.

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How Your Job is Viewed by Others

Years ago I heard a story about an NFL player who attended a gala the day after the season ended.  As the servers were making their rounds, this athlete was offered a drink.  That offer was politely declined with him saying, “No thanks, I’m training.”

Despite my best efforts, I can’t find the actual account of the story which leads me to believe that it was either fabricated or twisted around a bit.  But let’s assume that it’s entirely true.  It’s actually not that far-fetched.

The take away: to be one of the best athletes in the world, you are constantly subject to a rigorous level of discipline.  If there is ever a “cheat” day, it’s literally the day after the season ends.  Thinking of that, I wanted to show you what goes on behind the scenes of building my course No to Grow.

Blog writer

Working hard, or hardly working? hahahahahahaha 😑

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How to Overcome your Fear and Live FREE

It’s been over 13 years since I first started making money without a boss.  Through that time I have gone through a ton of ebbs and flows; from times of self doubt and fear to times feeling on top of the world.

Today, you may be eyeballing the idea of freelancing, or even starting a business on your own.  I bet your fears today are many of the same that I went through when creating my No to Grow program.

how to start a business

I’ll share a little bit of that story for you now, and I’m guessing these same fears will be similar to your own.

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Why You should Ditch the Job and Make Your Own Money

Years ago I was stuck in a job that was rather unfulfilling.  The pay was on the low end, and despite my best efforts, it didn’t look like it would ever rise up to where I felt I was worth.  I wasn’t able to live life how I truly wanted to live it.

It didn’t help that my wife made more than I did; not that I felt emasculated by that fact, but I felt that I wasn’t working as hard or pulling my weight.

I had to make a change.

Makoshika park no to grow live a free life

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Lessons to Keep in Mind for Your Climb up Granite

Over the last two decades, I have approached, attempted, or summitted Granite Peak a handful of times.  Each time, I learned important lessons on what to do, what to expect, and where to go.  When you’re planning your trip on how to climb Granite, there are few resources out there that are really good guides up the mountain.  Hopefully this article can help you better plan for your ascent.

Let’s begin about 20 years ago when I was but a baby-faced 18 year old.

Granite Peak Montana's highest point scott sery adventure writer

All Images: Click to Embiggen

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Food to Carry When Going Light in the Wilderness

Have you ever tried to drop a few pounds?  Maybe something happened and you put on a little weight, or maybe you just let yourself go.  Suddenly you were uncomfortable and you wanted to shed some pounds.  A little diet and exercise can get you there, but if you really want to drop weight fast, head into the mountains.  It’s hard to get the calories you need to sustain, or increase, weight, and you are moving so much you’re burning them faster than you put them in.  After a four day trip I found myself going from 171 to 166.5 pound.  And we didn’t skimp on food either.

training to climb granite peak

Eating while backpacking is a whole new experience.  While it’s great to go completely freeze dried and lightweight, I recommend taking at least a couple of little luxuries.  For me, that often means candy in my trail mix, and a shot or two of scotch for each evening.  Today, as you can see in the video, I have a couple of tips to keep weight down, but calorie intake up.

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What Climbing Gear do You Need for Granite?

There are just 12 more days until it’s time to climb Granite Peak, Montana’s highest point.  First of all, if you’re also planning to climb this mountain, keep up with your fitness regimen!  I looked back through my recorded workouts and discovered that I’ve progressed significantly.

On June 24th, I wore a 30 pound pack and did a 3.4 mile loop averaging 17 minutes per mile.  Today, I did essentially the same loop, wearing a 52 pound pack, and averaged 9:56 per mile.  It’s going to make the hike and climb much easier, and it will make the recovery that much better.

So, today’s workout tip: stick with it.  But we’re going to take a look at gear as well.

What Gear do I need to climb granite peak

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Workouts in the Mountains Suck Less

Getting into mountaineering shape consists of throwing on a pack and running around in the neighborhood.  It builds leg muscle and strengthens the heart to better endure the rigors of actually hiking up the mountain.  But nothing prepares you for a hike, nor has better scenery and experience, than actually getting out there and hiking in the mountains.

For part of my conditioning this week, I threw on a 45ish pound pack, and hiked with the family to Mystic Lake.  The distance was about the same (around 4 miles from the trailhead to the campsite), but the workout was a whole lot more enjoyable when it’s in the beautiful Montana mountains.

adventure writer from Billings, Montana training to climb Granite Peak

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Working Out Sucks

Five weeks into working out and I’ve learned a number of things.  Actually… I’ve reinforced on big perception that I had all along.

Working out sucks.

It’s painful, miserable, and everything I thought would happen didn’t happen.  But, the bottom line is that I am in better shape to climb Granite Peak now than when I first started.

If you’re wondering what to expect with a workout regimen that will condition you to climb a mountain, here’s what I have learned in just over a month.

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How I am Tracking my Fitness Journey

For the past four weeks (two weeks documenting it) I have been conditioning myself to be in shape for an August 2020 ascent up Granite Peak.  Not being one to workout, it’s been a unique experience to discover how to get in better shape.

Over the past several weeks I have tracked my progress, and discovered some things along the way.  Here is where I am at when it comes to my journey toward mountaineering physical fitness.

Fitness Training to Climb Granite Peak Scott Sery Adventure Writer

Dave Swanson climbing in August 2007

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