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Scott Sery Copywriter from Billings, Montana

Bringing out the story behind your brand so your prospects look at you and know just how badass you are.

About Me

I Write Things

Back in the early days of the internet, I would write emails to myself. They would include long and drawn out stories of whatever was on my mind. I did it so I could open my email later and see a new message; little did I know I was prepping myself for a career of writing your story.

Enhance Your Brand

Boost Your Traffic & Grownup your market.

Did you know that businesses without a blog see about half the traffic that those who do have a blog see? It’s true; I read it on the internet.

One of my blogging clients saw clicks from Google searches increase 500% over the course of a year that I wrote a bi-weekly blog for them.

More traffic means more sales. More sales means a better bottom line. A better bottom line means you have the satisfaction of kicking ass in business.

Get To know Me

Why Scott is Awesome

Here’s the part of the site where I brag about myself. Hang on, you’re about to be blown away with my

I’m a writer because it provides the freedom in my life to get out and be awesome. Expertly crafting the
words that make you look great means I can climb mountains, pull in some trout, stalk elk, or just frolic
blissfully through a mountain meadow.


Happy Clients Say

Adam G. Retirement Solutions

I used Scott to write me a set of bios to use for marketing purposes. When showing them to my mentor he raised his eyebrows and said, ‘This is really good.’ I wouldn’t recommend another copywriter to anyone.

Zach K. Beartooth Metal Roofing

Scott’s content marketing not only has helped us bring in more clients, it has also established us as an authority in the roofing industry. We no longer get calls just for roofing, but also from legal teams to be the third party inspection for insurance claims.

Derek A. Aspinwall

Scott takes the thoughts and ideas that are bouncing around in my head, and turns them into something legible. The content marketing he has done on our blog is straightforward and has an easy to follow call to action.

You have a sweet story, and you have an awesome brand that the world wants… nay… needs! Let’s make them crave you.