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Case Studies

Scott Sery's Recent Case Studies

Social proof is a marketing concept that relies on deep psychological principles.

The idea is that you see a bunch of other people that have bought a product or service, they’re happy with it, and so therefore you will likely also be happy if you become a paying customer as well.

This social proof comes in three different ways, each having a little bit more of an impact on the reader.

Reviews – There’s a good chance that you have not only read online reviews for a business, but you have probably left one or two of them as well.  They’re quick, they can pack a punch, and they’re easy to read and leave.

Testimonials – Like a review, but a little bit more in depth.  Where a review says how great the business and product/service is the testimonial tells how the business and product/service enhanced the user’s life.

Case Studies – Similar to the testimonial, the case study is a powerful tool that a business can use for their marketing purposes.  It goes in depth with the customer, what they were experiencing, and how the business was able to save the day.  Usually case studies involve hard numbers, and read something like “How Joe’s Business Hit Six Figure Revenue Using Scott Sery’s Copywriting”.

If you want to blow your competition away; I’m your copywriter.

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