The Billings community is full of great companies that provide outstanding service.  While it is true that there is an overall theme of “good enough” here, there are those that buck the trend.  These are the companies who provide a service that goes above and beyond.  These companies come highly recommended and they are those that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated (and even better).


Business Consulting

When your business has hit a plateau, you need an expert to come in and give you the nudge you need to go to the next level.  That’s where Strategic Advisor Board comes in.  A group of 10 high powered CEOs will help drive you upward and to incredible profitability


No matter who you are, a chiropractor can help make sure your body is lined up just the way it should, so it functions just the way it should.  Dr. Shayne Durbin is an amazing chiropractor in Billings; highly recommend using his services.

Cleaning Services

Sunny Day Cleaning Services is the number one residential and office cleaner in Billings!  Using only natural ingredients, your home gets cleaner, stays clean longer, and ultimately you are healthier.  From residential, to move out, to eviction cleanings, Jessica with Sunny Day Cleaning is your go to cleaner!

Computer and Phone Repair

Cell Phone Repair surged on to the Billings scene just a few years ago.  Built around the idea that phone and computer repairs shouldn’t be painful, they offer a free diagnostic service to see what’s wrong, and then they will consult with you to ensure the repairs are in your best interest.

Hearing Aids

Rehder Balance and Hearing Clinic has been serving Billings for many decades.  Dr. Rehder built the company on the foundation that you don’t just slap a hearing aid on and call it good, but you address the problem that is causing the hearing loss in the first place.

Metal Roofing and Seamless Gutters

Beartooth Metal Roofing isn’t your typical contractor.  While many others will show up, slap on a roof, and disappear into the night, Beartooth will take the time to ensure the job is done right.  Their expert craftsmanship shows, and their service far outpaces anyone else in Billings.

Mobile and Modular Homes

Big Sky Homes has been providing affordable housing to the Billings community for quite some time.  In an age when stick built homes are getting more and more expensive, modular and manufactured homes are becoming increasingly popular.


Bob’s Plumbing and Heating has decade’s worth of experience.  Bob Larsen can handle all your plumber needs from big to small, and will make sure to treat you fairly and honestly.  Where would you go without your plumber?

Web Development

Sery Content Development provides high quality, SEO rich, content for your website.  Whether you need a home page, about us page, or any other one-time work, or if you need ongoing research writing to keep your clients and prospects informed, their work is top quality.  Check out Scott Sery’s personal blog for inspiration for a better you.

Windows and Doors

406 Window Company is relatively new to the Billings scene.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing!  This company has customer service like you wouldn’t believe, and they will prove to you that it’s your interests that they have in mind.