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Finding your niche sometimes takes a lot of trial and error.  It also takes some dedication.  Artistically speaking, I am not a very creative person; I can barely draw a stick figure.  However, when it comes to words my schooling and training have shown me how to eloquently and effectively communicate.  After debating considerably, I decided that being a freelance writer was the direction I wanted to go.

With an 18 month old at home, I am able to stay with him and save on the costs of daycare.  Two days per week he enjoys the company of either Grandma, or Grandpa.  During those times, and during naps and evenings, I am able to accomplish more than I ever thought I would be able to.  I can maintain my career, as well as be a work-from-home dad.

Much of my work is web content development.  This means that if you have a website, you need content to get higher up in the search engines.  Using high quality, original, search engine optimized articles, my work can help move your site higher up in the pages.  This means more visitors, more clients, and greater revenue.  This section, however, is not about that.  This section is all about my journey.  Basically when I have a good story to tell, I write it here.

You have a sweet story, and you have an awesome brand that the world wants… nay… needs! Let’s make them crave you.