I am a web content developer in Billings, Montana. That means I can help your website increase in the search engine ranks through high quality written content and other Search Engine Optimization methods. If you want more traffic to your site, I can get you to that point.

I am a regular contributor to One Smart Dollar, Billings365, and Dispatch Journal.  I work closely with several website builders including Reciprocity Industries, Synergema, Skypoint Studios, and No Coward.

You can read some samples of my work by following the links below (please let me know if a link has stopped working), and you find a longer list of published work on my More Works section.  Or visit the Follow Me section to see my blog posts.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in working with a writer from Billings, Montana to provide quality SEO content for your website, blog, magazine, newspaper, or any other publications.


Personal Finance Articles:

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Outdoor Adventure Articles:

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Sustainability Articles:

Keep your Green Resolution with PooPooPaper

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Energy Saving Articles:

Save on Utilities: Upgrade your Appliances

Save on Utilities: Use CFL’s

Upgrade your Home’s Insulation


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