Get More Done with a Power Hour

Set up your Power HourPower hour is one of those terms that people love to say. It rolls off the tongue, it rhymes, and it sounds important. Unfortunately, most of the time someone is talking about a power hour, they are sitting down with someone (usually their boss), and going over boring concepts and ideas. Fortunately that is not at all what I am talking about in this post.

Most people want to be more productive with their day.  While it’s easy to skip the TV, shorten meals, and remove those types of distractions, it is far harder to keep on task while you’re working.  Keep reading to learn how a power hour can make you far more productive during the day.

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Time ManagementWhen you work from home, or when you work for yourself, it can be difficult to really just sit down and work. Throw in the fact that you are taking care of your 2 year old son most of the time, and sometimes when you have a break you just want to sit. Time management is important no matter what career you choose. Here are a few tips to help keep you on track and make sure you accomplish your goals. More »