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7 Words to a Successful Career

Growing up we have been taught the Golden Rule.  We’re supposed to treat others the way we would like to be treated.  It’s great advice to help keep the peace and to promote working together instead of working against.  What many people don’t realize is that the Golden Rule is actually rooted in the Bible.

love one another, even in Business

“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14 (ESV)

But what I have seen in modern business is that we tend to create our business as one persona, and our personal and spiritual lives as another.  For some reason many feel the two cannot mesh.  There’s no reason that we should treat others the way we want to be treated in our personal lives but not business.  In fact, there should be no discrepancy between the two.

Uncompromising Standards of Integrity

Every business that wants to last has to have this standard.  While there are many unscrupulous businesses out there, and some of them make a whole lot of money (check out the story behind Wolf of Wall Street; careful if you watch the movie, it’s not exactly family friendly), they rarely last very long.

One of the best ways to make sure that your business is going to last well into the future is to hold integrity in such high regard, that you might actually lose money in the short term.

But integrity is a bit of a buzzword.  Every mission, vision, values statement has it in there at least once.  So what does it mean?  And what does it mean when we apply it to loving others as ourselves?

Integrity is doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s as simple as that.  Every one of us was created with a conscious, and we know when we’re doing something wrong because that conscious tells us.  Integrity is treating others the way you want to be treated, charging them fairly, doing the right thing every single time.

integrity is doing the right thing because it's the right thing

Growth through Giving

Be generous and grow your wealthIn my personal life I believe giving is one of the easiest and most effective ways to combat depression and create feelings of joy.  Think about it: can you help another person and be bitter?  Can you donate your time or money and not feel good about it?  Nearly all of the time, giving is going to make you feel better.

On the business side it takes on a little different twist.  Your business doesn’t have feelings.  There are no emotions, there are no feelings, there are only facts, statistics, and logic.  Anything else is what you have projected onto the business.  But there are feelings created in people as a result of what your business does.

In order to experience substantial growth, your business should be giving.  Your business should be donating time to local charities.  Your business should be donating money to local charities.  Your business should be giving away work for free (to those who need it).  Your business won’t “feel good” because of this, but you and your employees will.  And your prospects, customers, and clients certainly will too.

Giving away your resources means that the public will see your business as a loving business; one that they want to support.

People over Profits

One of the standards I maintain with Sery Content Development is that people come first.  If I treat my employees the right way, and treat my clients the right way, the profits will come.  But the people come first.  We have summed it up with “People over Profits.”

That means we should never miss out on a child’s school performance because we “had to work.”

We should never miss an important life event because we were “stuck at the office.”

We should never step on the client because it will make us more money.

We should never cut corners because it looks better for the bottom line.

There is a why behind your business.  And it almost certainly has nothing to do with money.

writer in Billings, MT

Build a Career with a Foundation of Love

When your heart is in the right place, everything else will fall in line.  When your career is based on love, the profits and the satisfaction will come right along with it.  As a writer in Billings, MT, my goal is to create content that will allow you to grow; my career is built on a desire to see you succeed.  The money will follow as long as I stay true to why I’m doing what I do.

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