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Or Do You Get To?

If you read much of what I have written, then you know I’m a big proponent of attitude.  Simple tweaks can take you from being stuck in a rut, to being wildly successful.  For instance, if you take a little bit of time every day to be thankful, you’ll notice that your entire day suddenly is a whole lot better.

attitude is everything

When you change the way that look at things, then you have the ability to change the way your mind relates to them.  Fortunately, you are easy to trick.  All it takes is a couple of sentences, and then your whole mindset changes.

How you Can Trick Yourself

When I was younger I hated working a part time job.  After school I would hurry home, change my clothes, and then go to work where I would despise the duties.  I liked the paycheck, but I hated the job.  On occasion I would be invited to go out and do something, and my response would be, “I can’t, I have to work.”

You can probably relate.  I would be willing to bet that every employed person has, at one time or another, said they can’t do something because they have to work.  Fortunately, there is an easy remedy.

Change One Word

Power of positive Thinking, you are in controlWe don’t have to do anything.  Every single action that we take is a choice.  But along with all of those choices comes a consequence.  You don’t have to drive the speed limit, but if you don’t you may get pulled over and slapped with a big fine.  You don’t have to pay for your meal after eating a restaurant, but if you don’t you may likely be arrested.  You don’t have to go to work, but if you don’t you will likely be fired and lose the privilege of going to work.

We get to do everything.

If we simply change the word “have” to the word “get” it completely changes the meaning of the sentence.  And it completely changes the idea behind it.

Suddenly, you’re in control, you have the power, and you get to decide what happens next.

Will You Change Your Have to Get?

Take the next step and put this into practice!  Whether you run a company, work for someone else, or you’re self employed, you get to make every decision in your life.  How you choose to react to life around you will shape your entire outlook.

Are you ready to get to?

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