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Want Your Clients to Stick Around Forever?

Nobody likes to constantly be prospecting for new clients.  Instead, you want them to sign up, and stick around for life.  So how do you gain a client for life?

Marketing Billings

The answer is actually a whole lot easier than you realize.  But when it comes time to put it into practice, then that is where you have to start to dig a little deeper and really think about how to make it happen.  Keeping a client around for life all begins with what you can do for them.

Earning New Clients

There are a lot of people out there that go about finding new clients the wrong way.  The process generally goes like this:


Poor Salesman: We offer XYZ product that does ABC and it only costs a little bit of money!

Prospect: zzzzzz oh, well another company offers it for less.

Poor Salesman: We can beat their offer!  And I’ll throw in my first born child just to sweeten the deal!

Prospect: *buys but cancels within a month*


So how do you get past this?  Too many people are earning a tiny commission because they are selling the wrong way.  Instead, there is a much easier way to earn a new client, and a way to make sure that they stick around for the long haul.


Good Salesman: Our passion is to make sure that you succeed.  You can only do that by having a strong online presence.  Now I noticed that you haven’t claimed your Yelp page and that your Facebook page isn’t verified.  Even if we don’t work together, I’ll show you how to take care of those two pieces so that you can be an authority and dominate the market!

Prospect: I didn’t even realize that was something I need to do, tell me more.

Good Salesman: We have three packages that we offer.  Our basic package is what you need so that you don’t ever have to worry about your Facebook page again.  You get to focus on growing your business while this all runs seamlessly in the background.  We can get started on your page on Monday.

Prospect: Here’s the signed contract.


What just happened?


Sell Your Why and Solve their Needs

Discover your WhyIn the first scenario, the salesman was selling a product (or a service).  That service or product can be replicated by anyone that wants to do it, and most of the time they will be able to do it for far cheaper than you do it.  The client doesn’t care how or what, they want to know what it will do for them.

In the second scenario the salesman was still selling the product, but more importantly he was meeting the needs.  Instead of explaining what and how (something anyone can do) he explained why and how it would benefit the client.  He then solved two important problems that the client wasn’t even aware of!

When it came time for the sale, he offered what would fit the client’s needs and showed how the client would be able to eliminate worries and be able to now work on his business instead of in his business.

That client will never leave because his worries were relieved, his problems were solved, his needs were met, and now he has more free time.


Earn a Client for Life by Solving Their Problems…

… Before they know they are problems.  The concept is easy; the execution is a little trickier.  But if you can solve needs and show that you actually care more about the client than you do the sale, then you will earn a client for life.

My company, Sery Content Development, does that.  We give business owners more time in their day.  By eliminating their digital marketing woes, they are able to focus on their business rather than working in their business.

Wouldn’t you like more hours in the day?  Give me a call at 406-860-4407 and get more hours back in your day.

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