It’s All about Your Employees

Smart Employee BillingsThere are certain fallacies in the business world that many people choose to believe.  Some are reasonable, and some seem like they should be true.  This fallacy falls into that second category.

A business is only as good as its employees.  Without them, everything would crumble and fail as the owner would desperately be trying to work in the business instead of working on the business.  So what’s this fallacy?

It’s the idea that if you hire someone smarter than you, they won’t stick around.  Here’s why you want to hire smarter.

A Smart Employee Works Harder

Grow your Business in BillingsYou want someone that is dedicated to the company.  A smart employee is going to be dedicated to seeing the company grow because they know this core concept: if they help it grow, they are rewarded. Now there are jobs out there where the smart employee isn’t rewarded, and they rarely stick around.

If you want an employee that is going to work hard and make your company grow, hire someone smarter than you.


A Smart Employee Innovates

Smart GirlYou have ways of running your business.  In the beginning you probably sat down and developed some methods to get the work done.  When you hired an employee, you passed on that information.  If you hired a drone, all that ever happens is your system is followed.  And you may not be able to keep up with the trends.

A smart employee will take your methods, and make them better.  He or she will innovate and in the end make you look good.  If you want your business streamlined, hire someone smarter than you.


A Smart Employee Collaborates

Get found onlineAs the big picture person, you have a ton of ideas bouncing around in your head.  When you have just mindless drones working for you, you have to branch outside of your work in order to collaborate.  This is important, but you can have that in-house as well.

A smart employee is one that can look at your ideas, offer better solutions, and is not afraid to tell you that your idea is rubbish.  Hire someone smarter than you if you want to have a built-in brainstorming group.


A Smart Employee Sticks Around

Smart GirlPeople tend to think that if you hire someone smarter than you, then that person will eventually take all of your tips, tricks, and know-how and start their own company.  There are two reasons that this is a faulty thinking.  First, even if your employee did branch out, the competition will be good, the market will be served, and most likely you will never see your sales slump.  Second, a smart employee that is treated well is going to stick around.  You have the infrastructure and the systems in place, why would they go try to re-create the wheel?

If you want an employee that is going to grow your business and be around for the long-haul; then you need to hire someone smarter than you.


Finding an Employee Smarter than You

The hardest part about the process is finding someone that will do a great job, will be dedicated to the company, is reliable, and is smarter than you.  When you find that person, you shouldn’t balk at any financial barriers because the investment is going to pay off in the long run.

Have you hired someone smarter than you?  Or are you counting on mindless workers?


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