Instead, Resolve to Tackle Your Goals

I despise New Year’s resolutions.  It took me quite a few years to realize why, but I finally discovered it is because the majority of resolutions revolve around superficial “stuff” that really doesn’t matter in the long run.  Sure some are noble, some are healthy, and some are good.  But for the most part, resolutions largely revolve around things that look good on paper, but in the end don’t really matter.

Goal Setting to acheive your wildest dreams

Instead, about 20 years ago, I resolved to never again make a New Year’s Resolution.  A few years ago, I sort of broke that resolution and resolved to start setting goals for the calendar year.  Those goals, however, are different than my resolutions.  Those goals involve action steps to make sure I get there.

A Goal vs. a Resolution

Here’s where we are getting into a little bit of semantics.  I believe a goal is different from a resolution.

Resolution: Eat healthier this year
Goal: Plan out healthy meals
Resolution: Go to the gym more often
Goal: Hit the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30
Resolution: Read more
Goal: Read 12 books this year
Resolution: Quit smoking
Goal: Have an action plan to curb urges by January 1st, come up with alternatives when cravings hit
Resolution: Save more money
Goal: Save an extra $100 per month by cutting expenses and working a couple extra hours

I could keep going, but you get the point.  A resolution is a broad claim that likely won’t work out.  A goal is a little more detailed, and has action steps that can get you there.

My Goals for 2017

Last year I made a list of goals.  A few of them I didn’t meet because they were too broad and didn’t have definitive dates on when they could happen.  So I made them a little more detailed this year.

I also developed goals that relate to my business Sery Content Development:

They aren’t huge and lofty goals, but they are designed to help me grow and ideally help those around me grow as well.

What are Your Resolutions?

I mean goals.  Or resolutions.  Or whatever you want to call them.  What are they?  Do they include an action plan?  Are they achievable?  Can you list out the steps needed to ensure that they happen?

Here’s to a fantastic 2017 that is filled with success!

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