How I am Tracking my Fitness Journey

For the past four weeks (two weeks documenting it) I have been conditioning myself to be in shape for an August 2020 ascent up Granite Peak.  Not being one to workout, it’s been a unique experience to discover how to get in better shape.

Over the past several weeks I have tracked my progress, and discovered some things along the way.  Here is where I am at when it comes to my journey toward mountaineering physical fitness.

Fitness Training to Climb Granite Peak Scott Sery Adventure Writer
Dave Swanson climbing in August 2007

Keeping Track of Daily Workouts

My workouts are not elaborate.  They don’t include weights, fancy equipment, or anything of the sort.  Since Granite doesn’t involve much technical climbing, I’m not terribly concerned about strength training in my forearms or fingers.

Instead, my goal is to have endurance in my heart and lungs, and strong leg muscles to essentially climb hundreds of flights of stairs.

To get there, I go for a hike/jog almost every day with what is now a 52 pound pack.  At the beginning of this week I added in 10 extra pounds.  I doubt I will get over 40 pounds for our approach, so conditioning with 52 pounds will ensure I can scurry up the mountain with 12 fewer pounds.

To monitor my progress, I keep a small notepad on my desk.  It shows the date, my body weight (which largely hasn’t changed since June 23rd) how many miles I jogged, and my total step count for the day.

Climbing granite peak Montana

My goal was to drop 10 pounds, but I think I am adding enough muscle that my weight is actually about 2 pounds heavier than when I started.

Monitoring Steps and Improving Times

There are a bunch of different ways to track your steps and monitor your progress in physical fitness.  While the iPhone does have a built in tracker, and it’s accurate to an extent, it only works when it’s in your pocket.

Instead, a fitness tracker is a great way to keep on top of things.  I have chosen the Fitbit Flex for simplicity and affordability (only about $20 for a used one on eBay and around $70 brand new).  With it I can track my progress, map my route, and monitor how fast I’m going to consistently strive to improve my times.

About a month away from the climb, here’s to making progress as an adventure writer, outdoor enthusiast, and overall lover of nature.

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