A Pack to Keep You Safe While Hunting

For many years I have been using a small fanny pack when going on day trips hunting.  It carried what I needed, a small emergency kit, an extra pair of gloves, knives, my licenses, etc.  But over the years I have found that having something a little bigger, something that can carry a full sized water bottle for instance, would be much more convenient.

Cabela's Ally Hunting Pack

My biggest concern was price.  I know that I could find exactly what I needed if I wanted to plop down $200 or more, but that was far beyond my budget.  It’s simply not worth the premium for something I would use so rarely.  I searched online, and found that the Cabela’s Ally Hunting Pack would most likely suit my needs.

Necessary Components for the Pack

Water Bottle PocketsWhen searching I had a few details that I had to have.  First, it had to have a soft outer shell.  No hard nylon style that would be loud when brushing against anything.  It had to have at least one water bottle pocket, and it had to have enough room to pack an extra sweatshirt and my lunch (as well as knives, rubber gloves, licenses, and everything else that was in the fanny pack).

What I found with the Cabela’s pack was almost what I wanted, and close enough that I didn’t need to search around for something else.

About the Ally Hunting Pack

The biggest draw was the reasonable price.  For $60 I couldn’t expect to find something that would work any better, and the next options were at least $40 more.  So I looked into it a bit more.

The Ally Hunting Pack has 2 main compartments and two water bottle holders.  It has the soft exterior that I required.  A semi-rigid frame keeps the pack straight, and a chest strap and waist belt help hold it so it won’t wiggle around while hiking.

Back of Ally Hunting Pack

The two main compartments have large zipper pulls that allow for easy opening with gloved hands.  They open wide so you can easily get at the items at the bottom of the pack.  Inside each compartment are smaller mesh style areas to handily organize all your goodies.  No rooting around to find your knife etc.  The pack is designed so that it can also be used with a hydration system.

There are a few downsides that I wish were a little different.  First, the two large compartments are the only pockets (aside from the water bottle holders).  A couple of small pockets on the outsides for items that need easier access (like licenses, gloves, or knives) would have been nice.  In addition, the waist strip seems a bit thin and may end up being rather uncomfortable during a longer trek.

All in all, the pack seems to be well suited for day hunting trips.

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