Being Known is Your Right

Quotes to Live By is my newest weekly series. At the beginning of every week I will look at a quote, and take it apart to see how we can apply it to our lives. The quote is just the beginning, but most need some extra thought in order to apply them to our lives.

“For whatever deserves to exist deserves also to be known, for knowledge is the image of existence; and things mean and splendid exist alike.” – Francis Bacon

Who was Francis Bacon?

Francis Bacon
Image is Public Domain

Born in January, 1561 Francis Bacon was an Englishman. He was an author, a scientist, an orator, a philosopher, and a statesman. He served as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. But what he is most known for are his philosophical works. He believed in careful observation of natural events, and strictly followed the scientific method. Long after his death in April of 1626, Bacon’s works remain a staple in colleges and universities around the country and world.


Whatever Deserves to Exist…

You and I, we both exist. The physical world exists, rocks and trees, waters and animals, and everything else; they all exist. The heavenly world exists; clouds, starts, space, galaxies, and more. Even the spiritual world exists. Whether or not you believe in the spiritual world, it exists because there is the idea and the concept of it.

In essence, every being, every object, and every idea out there all exist.


… Deserves Also to be Known

It is the goal of everyone to be known. Even the recluse wants to be acknowledged (and left alone). According to Francis Bacon everyone, and everything, that exists should also be known.

When you are known, you move into a new state. Instead of being merely a possibility, if you are known, you actually are. Knowledge is the image of existence; so by being known it is like implanting a picture on everyone so they suddenly know that you exist and can acknowledge your presence.


Application to the Internet

As a content marketer, I love this quote. It shows that everything that I create should be known to the masses. Even if it is terrible, it should still be known (although that’s not exactly the reputation that I’m going for here).

The internet has made being known a whole lot easier than Bacon could have ever imagined. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can easily be known throughout the world with a few clicks of a button. Your pictures become known, your aura becomes known, and your image is broadcast all over.

The choice now falls to you: will you be known for doing great things, or will you be known for doing terrible things?


Terrible or Philanthropic?

Known Website Services BillingsThere are so many people in the world that your influence can only go so far. You are known, but to a limited degree. The problem comes down to being known beyond our small circle of people, and being known throughout the world. This leaves people with a choice: how will you be known?

There are some that choose to be known widely by stepping on others. We see this in murderers (mental illnesses aside). They choose to be known by destroying others.

Fortunately there are even more that choose to be known by doing the right thing. The philanthropists of the world (lumped into this are the innovators like Steve Jobs) do something to make the world a little brighter and a little better.


How Will You Be Known?

We all leave a legacy. Whether it is small or large depends on how small or large our passions are. But you get to choose if you want to use others, or grow others.

Do you choose to put others down to lift yourself? Or do you choose to innovate, grow, and love others?

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