personal injury attorney southern californiaOver the next few weeks I want to take some time to spotlight a few of the clients that I work with. Talk about what I do for them, and how my services have helped them. As a writer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, I help businesses to move up in the Google pages so that they are found more easily. More traffic means more business. I help businesses grow.


 Arentz Law Group P.C.

Arentz Law Group is a group of personal injury attorneys in Southern California. They handle cases from Asbestos and Mesothelioma, to dangerous drugs, to Qui Tam lawsuits. They are great attorneys with a proven track record of helping people fight back when they have been wrongfully injured.

Near the beginning of 2014 I was approached by one of their staff. I bumped into him over Christmas the previous year and he learned that I was a writer in Billings, MT. He explained that they often need content for the site, and could be losing a writer soon. A couple months later he asked me to start writing for the Arentz Law site.

For a number of months I strictly added content. I would focus on keywords that related to the topic at hand, such as testosterone drugs lead to an increased risk of heart attack. By providing 10 pages of content to the website every week, they were able to rapidly increase their spread across the internet.

But we know that content alone is not what a site needs. They desperately needed backlinks. So I came up with a plan to start adding 15 backlinks per week as well.

SEO expert BillingsThe content and the backlinks combined helped boost their site tremendously. They went from an 80% plus bounce rate down to the mid 30’s. Page views per visitor went from 1 to 5, and the times spent on the site per visitor jumped from less than 1 minute to nearly 6 minutes.

I am adding less content to the site now, but I am maintaining the 15 backlinks per week. It helps to keep their site relevant and listed highly on the search engines.

Writer and SEO Expert in Billings, MT

If you want your business to be noticed on Google, get in touch with me. I have a proven track record of organically increasing businesses’ ranks on Google. I use white hat techniques and I don’t cut corners. You won’t find me buying junk backlinks or participating in shady techniques.

Send me an email to learn more, or give me a call at 406-860-4407.

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