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site exposureIf you were running a brick and mortar retail store, you would likely want to put it in a highly visible location. Likewise you would advertise, hold sales, and talk to everyone you knew about your store. In other words, you would give it a lot of exposure. The same is true with your website. Without exposure, you won’t be able to draw the traffic that you want. You can have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows you exist, what good is it?

We know how to get content, and how to perform the duties of internal and external search engine optimization. Now it is time to get the word out. There are quite a few different ways to get site exposure.

Gaining Site Exposure through Guest Posts

Chances are there is another website out there that talks about the same thing that you do. And chances are they would love to have another expert share their opinion, and provide a new perspective. In order to get more exposure for your website (not to mention high quality backlinks), you just have to pitch the idea to write a guest post for that person’s site.

You may balk at the idea of providing content for your competition. But keep in mind; websites are not like other commodities. I can go and read one site, and then go to another and read similar material. It is not as though I already read about the topic so I’m done now. It is really a win-win for both of your sites. As an added perk, some sites will pay you cash to write a guest blog for them.

Gaining Site Exposure through Comments

If you can’t find a site that will accept guest posts, or if you can’t find a good idea, then you can always leave comments on websites that talk about things you enjoy. Make sure to leave something relevant; don’t try to leave a comment about breeding horses on a site that talks about search engine optimization; that’s just rude. Here’s a great tip that I read recently:

When you leave a comment, you almost always have to put your name, email address, and website before the comment. Instead of putting your homepage, put a link to one of your most recent pieces of content. So instead of putting my website as, I would put it down as This will help two ways. Not only will it give a deep backlink (the kind that the search engines like), but it will also encourage people to click through my site. They don’t want to see my static homepage that talks about my writing services; but they may be interested in reading more of what I have to say on search engine optimization.

site exposure
Gain site exposure by leaving well thought out comments on other sites

Gaining Site Exposure through Forums

Forums were incredibly popular back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. But just because there are other places online to share information does not mean that they are obsolete. What has happened, however, is that they have become even more niche oriented. Instead of covering a broad array of topics, these forums now cover a smaller subject matter. This is great for those trying to promote their website.

Find a forum that covers the topic that your website specializes in. Become a member, and start contributing value adding content. Before long you will be seen as an expert on the subject, and people on the forum will not only turn to you for advice, but they will also send others your way.

Gaining Site Exposure through Sharing Information

The biggest mistake that a lot of site owners make is trying to sell the content that visitors can get online for free. By giving away the vast majority of your content, and saving the things that have been tried and true that are unique to you for your premium content, you will become known as a premiere expert. But that’s not all.

Sharing information for free that other sites charge for will drive traffic to your website. There are only a small percentage of people who actually want to pay for content. However, when you charge for content that people cannot get anywhere else (after giving away incredibly valuable information), then you can set your price at whatever you want it to be. And people will pay it. They understand that they have received hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars worth of information from you. They also understand that if you gave away the good stuff, the premium stuff must be even better.

Externally Optimizing Your Website

It’s not that hard to sit down and write some content for your website. It’s a little harder to get the internal optimization done, but once you learn it, then it’s not that hard. External optimization is where things get even trickier. It is here that you have to really know your way around the internet, and you have to put in quite a bit of time to gain the site exposure that you really need. If that all sounds like too much work for you, then I can help. I am a writer in Billings, Montana, and I work extensively with clients to help develop their external optimization. Email me, or call 406.860.4407 to learn more.

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