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ContentIf you’re like me, you have about a million projects going on all at once. Personally I am in the process of tearing out the basement walls to update and add insulation, I’m building a workbench for my woodshop, I have my content development work, I take care of my two year old, and I took two weeks off of most of that to put a new roof on the house. Suffice to say that sometimes things get pushed to the side that I really shouldn’t push to the side. Namely, I have hardly updated my website. As a writer and SEO specialist in Billings, Montana, I know that I shouldn’t push it to the side, but often I do.

Normally I like to have well thought out provocative posts on here. Ok, that’s mostly a lie. I like to at least have a tidbit of learning, or something inspirational to pass along. However, since the bulk of my work doesn’t come from my blog, but rather from my contracted work, I need to rearrange that thought process.

Instead of waiting until I have great inspiration, I need to just pass along ideas, tips, tricks, and educational material as I come across them. That means the content won’t be as focused, such as post after post about how to search engine optimize your website. Instead, it will have smaller snippets, such as how to find time to update your content.

Finding Time to Update Your Content

Updating your website does not have to take a long time. In fact, it hardly takes any time at all. But for some reason it is still difficult to sit down and write. Here is how I overcome the writing doldrums and find the time to update my content.

Keep a Journal – I’m not talking about sitting down and writing out your thoughts and fears. Instead, keep a small notebook (or even use the notepad on your iPhone) in which you write down ideas. These ideas can be anything that you come across during the day, and just serve as reminders to you to pass along that wisdom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAForce Yourself to Write – There are times when you get done with work, you eat dinner, you plop in front of the TV for a bit, and you just don’t want to get up. These things happen, and especially in the winter, when it is cold and dark outside, it is hard to be motivated to write. But you have to force yourself to follow your writing schedule.

Make a Writing ScheduleUpdating the content on your site should be regular, no less than once per week. Set aside an hour or two throughout the week where you sit down and write for your site. You create content during that time, and you create as much content as you possibly can. Then you schedule it to be posted in regular intervals. Stuff happens, and sometimes you will miss one of your designated times, but if you have your blog scheduled out far enough in advance, you really won’t miss it.

Use Your Spare Moments – I know that I tend to dawdle my spare moments. Sometimes I am waiting on people, or waiting for dinner to cook. Instead of maximizing my time, I tend to get sucked into watching the news, playing on Facebook, or something else unproductive. Use the little 5 to 10 minute chunks of time that you get to jot down ideas and organize your thoughts.

When Do You Update Content?

What struggles do you have when it comes to updating the content on your site? Do you ever find that there are long periods of nothing being updated? Even if you only have 250 words worth of information, take the 20 or 30 minutes that it takes to get them down. A little content is better than none.

Even though I may neglect the content on my own site, I never neglect a client’s content. If you are in need of SEO services in Billings, Montana, or if you are looking for a content writer in Billings, Montana, email me to find out how I can help bring more traffic to your website.

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