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This post was published in 2015; the website and business are no longer around.

Suave Sedan is not only a cool name for a business, it’s also a cool business.


The company was started by Ilan Kaufmann, a professional chauffeur that hails from California.  While living in wine country he drove a limo and had the privilege of transporting celebrities as they toured the area.  13 years ago he retired from the limo business in California, and moved to Laurel.

But he doesn’t like to just sit around the house.  Instead of whiling away the hours playing golf, or pinochle, he decided to open up Billings’ first (or at least only) luxury car transportation service.

Ilan bought a brand new Cadillac (this thing is nice), and founded the company Suave Sedan.  He now gets the privilege of driving people in Billings and the surrounding area to their destination points.  Whether they are just looking for a night on the town, to go to prom or another dance, or have business needs and would rather work while they travel instead of wasting time behind the wheel, Suave Sedan can get them to where they need to go.

If you wan to learn more about them, check out the article on about Ilan and his business.  Or check out the article on the Billings Gazette website.  Of course you can always just head over to and learn straight from the proverbial horses mouth.

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