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SEO by YoastCreating high quality content that is keyword optimized is essential. However, making sure that content is uploaded properly and tagged properly is equally as important. Rather than take the time to learn how to put all your tags in through the HTML editor, just install the WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin helps to make your life a whole lot easier, and it helps you optimize your pages so they are found by the search engines.


Yoast: The Art & Science of Website Optimization

Yoast is a company is built entirely around optimizing websites. The great part is that they don’t throw a lot of jargon your way, and they don’t bother trying to give you all the statistics on your site rank, your flow metrics, or any of that. Instead, they focus on creating software that is easy to use, and lets you optimize your site.

The website is packed with articles on properly optimizing your site, so if you have a few hours (maybe even a few days) to spare, you can read up on it there. However, what they are really known for is their WordPress plugins. There are free versions and there are premium versions; most site owners will get more than enough from the free version of the software.

Using WordPress SEO by Yoast

The plugin is easy to set up, and it is easy to use. After you download and install it, every post will automatically have the SEO Yoast analysis tool attached to it. This is where the internal workings of SEO start to be a little fun rather than cumbersome. Yoast tells you how good of a job you are doing with a red, yellow, or green circle, so you can quickly identify where you need to improve.

After you write your post, scroll past where you enter the text. You will see that here you can input your focus keyword, your SEO title, and your meta description. After you input these components, Yoast will analyze your page to determine where the SEO weak points are.

Clicking on the page analysis tab will let you see all of the areas that Yoast looks at. If your keyword density is exceptionally low, you will get a notification. If you forgot to alt tag your image, you get a red circle. If your page URL doesn’t include your keyword, then you get a notice for that too. It even analyzes your Flesch-Kincaid score to let you know how readable the content is.

Yoast Search-Engine-Optimization-1024x425

The bottom line is that WordPress SEO makes it easy to do all the internal optimization work on your website, and it makes it easy to see where things need to be improved. Best of all, it’s free, so why not take advantage of it?

Optimizing Your Pages

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best tools I have found for my site (aside from Google Analytics of course). Not only does it make it easier to optimize my pages, but it has helped me to learn more about what goes into SEO. By using a tool like this, you can optimize your page, and when you learn about optimizing then every time you write it starts to come more and more naturally every time.

Of course, many people won’t want to mess with this. That is why I’m a writer in Billings, Montana. From here I can work on websites around the world creating unique content, and doing the internal optimization work. Email me, or call me at 406.860.4407, to find out how I can help you get more traffic to your website.

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