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Ruby over Billings MontanaWhenever I write a post for my website, I try to include at least one image. It’s important for a number of different reasons ranging from easily shared on Pinterest, to more appealing to look at, to helping break up text while you read, to helping with search engine optimization. While I try to keep the image at least somewhat relevant to what I am writing about, for instance the main image with this is a picture of a my pet Scottie dog with the city of Billings, Montana (where I make a living as a writer) in the background (see now it’s relevant), it is sometimes hard to find a picture that relates to your content. That is where stock image websites come in handy.

Using Images from Stock Websites

The problem most people run into is that these images can end up being fairly pricey. Now if you write a lot, and you use a lot of the images, you can get a monthly unlimited download. But you are still paying for something that you could actually get for free. The hard part is finding free stock image websites. After searching around for those that have good pictures, here is my list of free stock image websites that are worth your time.

Morgue Files has Free Stock Images

Files free stock imageMorgue Files has a lot of content. Just about anything that you could want a picture of, they have it. The best part is that you don’t even need an account to download an image. Just type in a keyword or two, and you will get a list of all the matching images. Click on the one you like, hit download, and you are on your way to using the image. Morgue Files doesn’t have vector images.

Freeimages has Free Stock Images

Files free stock imagesI have been using Freeimages for quite a while. While it’s a good place to get some of the more common images, the pickings can be a little slim. The best part about using Freeimages is that there are a number of free vector images available as well. You will need to make an account.


Unsplash has Free Stock Images

Landscapre free stock imagesEvery 10 days Unsplash uploads 10 of the nicest pictures you will see on the internet. If you need backgrounds, nature scenes, landscapes, and other artistic pictures, this is where you want to go. While these pictures won’t be as good to use in a content setting (such as the majority of what I use on here) they are beautiful pictures. No account needed.


Stock Vault has Free Stock Images

Stock Vault has both free images, and those you can pay for. While the premium content is of a better quality, there is really no reason to pay for a picture unless you absolutely cannot find something that will work otherwise. I haven’t actually downloaded from Stock Vault yet because you need an account to do so. I have not taken the time to sign up.

Using Images to Enhance your Search Engine Optimization

Images can be a great tool not only to keep your readers interested, but also to help boost your site’s SEO. By adding an Alt tag to the picture, you get one more little push for your keyword phrase. Keep in mind that there are a number of other ways to bring people to your website as well including social media (this is where a lot of people get the majority of their traffic). Where do you get images for your website?

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