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LinkedInPromoting your website is the only way to get steady traffic. Especially when you are first getting started, you need to get the word out there. True, superb content, internal optimization, and a lot of backlinks will also boost you in the search engines (if you haven’t read those articles, go do so now, I’ll wait), and thus people will visit your page based on what they have searched, but you must help out those numbers as well. One way that helps to drive traffic is using LinkedIn effectively.

Update Your Profile                      

If you don’t have your profile completely filled out, you have to do that. Keep in mind that every time you make a change, your connections get a notification (some by email if they haven’t turned those off yet). So it is wise to spread your changes and updates out over several days. This way you will keep showing up in people’s feeds.

Before that, however, you must fill out all of your basic information. People want to know who you are, and how you can help them. So make sure you have your picture up, and your bio completely filled out. You can always go back and add details later.

Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has a vast number of groups available. These little forums are where other professionals in all sorts of industries go to share ideas, topics, tips, and insights. Make sure you join a couple of these groups, and make sure you check on them at least once per week.

Now the thing about a group is that it won’t do you any good unless you contribute. And that does not mean just spamming the group with a link to your website. Instead, help others, and position yourself as an expert in the area. That way if they have questions, they will likely find their way back to your website. Make it all about the other members instead of all about you.

Share Status Updates Often

Your status updates should be a mixture of updates about what is going on in your industry or niche, and also about what you have posted on your own website. Nobody wants to see just your stuff pop up on their newsfeed, but rather they want to gain information that can help them. This means that you need to know about your connections, and understand what sort of information will help them. By posting something relevant to them, they are likely to learn more about you.

Share Pulse Updates Regularly

Not too long ago LinkedIn developed their Pulse section. This is where the community can get together and share their knowledge. I am not too keen on how exactly Pulse works, but as far as I can figure out it goes along these lines: you share information on a topic of your choice (obviously something you know well). When it is published your connections will be notified either in their newsfeed, or via email. If the information you shared is popular enough (meaning if it is good enough), then it will be moved toward the top of the Pulse list and others, even those with whom you are not connected, can read the information.

I like to use Pulse in two ways. I write both an entire page of content, providing everything right there on LinkedIn, or I write a teaser 150 word introduction. This encourages people to click the link to read more about what I have to say. In either situation you must include a link back to your website.

Be Consistent About Using LinkedIn

It is hard to make sure you post on all your social media accounts often and regularly. But in order for any of them to work you must take the time to make them work. Consistency is key, and when your connections see that you are constantly putting out great information that is valuable to them, they will know that you are an expert and more likely to check you out.

Effectively Using LinkedIn

I am not claiming to be the absolute expert on LinkedIn. In fact, there are a lot of aspects to this network that I don’t know, or I don’t understand. But I am learning as I go along, and I am passing that information along to you. As a writer in Billings, Montana, I love doing research. If you have research writing needs for your website, don’t hesitate to email me, or call me at 406.860.4407.

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