promote your websiteSocial media is the biggest trend on the internet today (and it has been for the past decade or so). In fact, if you consider back far enough, much of the internet has always been a form of social media or another. So if you are looking to effectively promote your website, you should choose a multitude of the 200 or so different social media sites out there (that list is actually the notable sites, there are hundreds more that are smaller). Here is how I am, or should be, using some other social sites.

Using Pinterest to Promote your Website

Pinterest is a great way to keep all of your ideas and thoughts collected together. That said, I don’t actually use Pinterest. While the site does help you keep everything all tidy and neat, I find it is easier for me to just save a picture to my computer or place a bookmark rather than a link back to the original site.

But if you want to use Pinterest to promote your website, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to spend some time on the site in order to gather a following. This means repinning other people’s works, and not just promoting your own. You also need to stay active. If you let your activity slide, you will see contacts lose interest.

Since I don’t use Pinterest, and I can only speak to the generalizations, I will refer you to this site on using Pinterest to promote your blog.

Using Google Plus to Promote your Website

Google Plus has gotten a bad rap. I believe it was because they were seen as an arrogant newcomer that was bound to take over Facebook. That very much did not happen. However, Google Plus is an important tool to help you gather more traffic to your website. There is a ton of functionality, and this is how I use it.

promote your websiteAfter you write a blog post, add content, or whatever you do to update your website, you should then head over to Google Plus. From your status update section, write 150 words or so about what you just did on your website. This means if you put up a post about the mating habits of tree frogs (like the cute little guy on the right), then you write a 150 word post teaser. A call to action to visit your blog to learn more, accompanied by a link, will help bring in more visitors.

This works because G+ is already optimized for Google search engines. It is one more way for people to find your key words.

Using Other Social Media Sites to Promote your Website

You can work your way down the list of all the social media sites in the world, and set up an account on every one of them. You can then promote your website until your fingers are numb. However, there is a point of diminishing returns. Every social media you use requires a little more of your time. So as you add to the list, you are chipping away at time you could be using to write more content, garner more followers, or relax with a beer and watch the evening news.

The rules are all mostly the same. Be a team player and share your expertise. Don’t push only your website, but push other sites you have found useful. Get as many followers as you can, and make sure you are uploading high quality content to your website; which in turn you share with your social media followers.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking for a re-tweet, share, re-pin, or whatever else.

Promoting Your Website

Some people love to promote their site, others love to create content for their site, others really just want to focus on the business and let their website be a tool used to promote awareness. I am a writer in Billings, Montana. I work with clients all over the US, and I can help write search engine optimized web content for you.  Email me, or call me at 406.860.4407, to find out how I can help you promote your website.

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