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Super Bowl XLIX
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Super Bowl 49, or for those who can’t convert Roman numerals to European numerals Super Bowl XLIX, is done and over, and one of the teams managed to pull ahead in the fourth quarter and win it all.  What was even more impressive, however, were the other things that happened during the game.  Here are my top 3 plays of the game, and the bottom 3 plays of the game.



Number One Play of Super Bowl XLIX

With a mere 18 seconds to go, the Seattle Seahawks picked a fight with the New England Patriots.  Fists flew, grown men rolled around on the ground, and although there was no sound present, I’m sure some very derogative things were said about the other players’ mothers.

Any time that professional athletes fight, I enjoy it.  Throw aside that professionalism and training, and let your emotions run through your fists.

Number Two Play of Super Bowl XLIX

The half-time show will never live up to the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, but it wasn’t half bad.  While I originally thought the mechanical tiger at the beginning was pretty awesome, I soon saw the legs were being controlled by stage hands.  Boo that.

What was truly awesome was when Missy Elliot joined Katy Perry on stage stole the stage from Katy Perry.

Number Three Play of Super Bowl XLIX

At one point a guy named Lynch ran through the Patriots’ defense and scored a touchdown.  Or maybe he almost scored a touchdown, I wasn’t paying attention.  At another time a guy intercepted the ball.  There were a number of occasions where someone ran the ball into the end zone.  Celebrations ensued.  All of these amazing feats of athleticism were, I suppose, the third greatest thing of the game.


Despite how many great plays there were, and how many times Missy Elliott danced, there were some absolutely terrible parts to Super Bowl XLIX.  I’m no football scholar, but I’m pretty sure that every year the game gets worse and worse.  When I say “the game” I really mean the commercials, the over-analysis, and the half-time show.  Here are some terrible parts of Super Bowl XLIX.

Number One Terrible Part of Super Bowl XLIX

The commercials have sucked for the past decade.  There is the occasional gem, but on a whole Super Bowl commercials are nowhere near as witty, as funny, and as intriguing as they once were.  Take for instance the Nationwide Insurance ad attempting to play off the emotions of parents about keeping their children safe in the home.  It’s very apparent nobody on that marketing crew has ever lost a child, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Number Two Terrible Part of Super Bowl XLIX

There was a lot of sportsing where nothing really happened.  One player threw the ball, another player caught the ball.  One guy missed a pass, another guy tackled a player.  If I am missing something let me know, but I’m not sure how people can sit down for 4 hours every single Sunday through football season in order to watch 15 minutes of good plays and exciting events.

Number Three Terrible Part of Super Bowl XLIX

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and every other social media known to man exploded every time something vaguely exciting happened.  I’ll admit that I took part in some of this, so I can’t condemn too much.  But here’s my take on announcing events of sporting events on social media: anyone who actually cares already saw the event unfold.  Most of the time when there is a big sportsing event, political event, or something else major happening, I have to turn off Facebook because everyone delights in sharing what everyone else already just saw.


So there you have it.  My completely non-sportsing analysis of a major sportsing event.  I went to a Super Bowl XLIX party, for which I showed up about 30 minutes after kickoff.  I had some delicious food, and drank some delightful beer, and I attempted to watch what was going on, but I just couldn’t get into it; especially due to the lackluster commercials.  I bowed out about an hour and a half early to get my toddler to bed, but I’m sure glad I turned the TV on to catch the fight at the end.  Put more of that in football and I’d watch much more often.

By the way, I’m a non-sports writer in Billings, Montana.  My area of expertise is in SEO content and I can help get your website ranked better in Google.  If you want me to write about your sports team, I can certainly do that (don’t expect expert analysis).

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