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Want to Live Stress Free?

I am a big proponent of working as little as possible.  The work that I do, I work hard.  However, I have always valued my free time far more than being stuck in an office, or stuck working away.  Why wait until retirement to enjoy your free time and your life?

No Stress

But there are times when you have to get stuff done.  That means you have to work hard now so that you can take some time later.  Here’s how that all works out.

I Take Fridays Off

get found online in BillingsI am writing this on a Friday.  But it won’t be published until Monday (and not in a couple days, but in a week and a couple days).  The reason is that I want my Fridays to be open for adventures, family time, and getting things done around the house.

So why am I working on a Friday when I say that I take Fridays off?  Because shortly after this is posted, I will be returning from vacation.  I had to slip away to Colorado for a few days to hike some 14ers and see some sites.  What that means is I have plan ahead so I can be stress free during my vacation.

On a normal week, I take Fridays off.  Sometimes I’ll hop onto my computer and do some speculative projects, write for fun, or touch up a couple of things that weren’t completed during the week.  But for the most part, Friday is a no go.


The Art of Stress Free Living

online presence
Here’s a picture of not me lying in a field of flowers

I tend to procrastinate a lot.  That means writing a blog post over a week in advance is something that I usually don’t actually do.  If it doesn’t need to be done soon, it often doesn’t get done right away.

What that ends up doing is creating a lot of stress.  The deadline starts to get closer, and I end up panicking because little things are popping up and getting in the way of what I really need to get done.  The end result is that I work later than I wanted to, I get up earlier than I needed to, and sometimes I rush through projects when I should be taking my time.

If you want to live stress free, make a plan to get things done with plenty of time to spare.


How to Schedule Your Time

A great plan for anyone that is interested in living a stress free life looks like this:

Work extra hard the next week or two in order to get ahead on all of your projects.  Now that you are ahead by at least a week, keep working at your normal pace.  Barring any inconsistencies you will remain at least a week ahead on all of your projects.

Of course that would mean not being able to take the next several Fridays off…

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