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Working from Home has its Perks

Home Office
Not my office

I have been making money as a writer since 2007. It started out just writing the occasional article for a local magazine, and it has progressed into writing unique content that is search engine optimized to help drive local businesses higher in the search engine ranks. My entire career as a writer, digital marketer, SEO expert, or whatever other title I might be given has been spent working from home. And I love/hate it.

If you are considering working from home, here are the perks and pitfalls of doing so.

Why I Love Working from Home

My house is split into three levels. I have a partially finished basement that I am slowly working on. Eventually I will move my office into the basement bedroom, but at the moment it looks a little like this.

Working from Home

The main floor is where our living space is. 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. The finished attic is divided in half; one half is mostly storage, the other half is my home office. This is where I sit and write for many hours throughout the day.

My Commute is Easy – I generally wake up around 5:30AM. I put on my clothes, and I walk upstairs. Within a couple minutes of rolling out of bed, I am behind my desk.

I Don’t Forget my Lunch – There are generally leftovers in the fridge from a previous meal. I haven’t forgotten my lunch in a very long time.

I Take Productive Breaks – Sitting and writing is a lot harder than it seems. And I need breaks. Fortunately I can get things done during my breaks: wash the dishes, pick up the living room, make beds, etc.

Rent is Cheap – Cheap as in free. I’m paying for this space anyway. By having a home office I get a hefty tax deduction every year.

It’s Convenient – There are times when I have to do work after hours. That’s the nature of running a business. I don’t have to drive to the office to check on a small item; I just pop upstairs for 10 minutes.

Having the office in the house is a wonderful benefit that helps keep the work moving. It provides a lot of perks, and that is why I continue to keep my office in my home.


Why I Hate Working from Home

There are some downsides to working from home though. Some can be overcome with a little discipline, others you have to just deal with.

You’re Always at Work – Since you’re always at work, it can be easy to say “I’ll just do it later.” This sometimes means working Saturday mornings because you weren’t disciplined enough to get it done during the week.

Get found on GoogleThere are Distractions – I love DIY projects. But when you are home all day long, and you look at those projects not getting done, it is tempting to stop working and fix the house.

There are More Distractions – When nobody else is home, it’s quiet and I can concentrate. When anyone else is home (especially a 3 year old that loves to scream) I just want to beat my head against the wall.

People Assume you Don’t Work – My career started out as freelancing on the side. When my son was born, I stayed home with him working when he napped and on the days grandparents would watch him. For some reason people think that since you don’t leave the house to work, that you don’t work at all.

It’s Convenient – There are many items that if they pop up at 9PM you can leave them until the next day. But when your office is a flight of stairs above you, it’s too easy to run upstairs and take care of those issues.


My Home Office

At this point I am no longer freelancing. I am working full time and I could feasibly get an office that’s outside the house. However, after weighing the pros and the cons, the only reason that I can see to move the operation from the attic is to put a little more separation between work and home. It’s a big reason, and definitely something that may be down the road, however, it’s not worth paying someone else rent.

For now, I will enjoy my home office despite the setbacks. I will also enjoy writing off a portion of my mortgage, utilities, and supplies.

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