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How Content Improves Your Law Firm

When you look into what makes a great website, you will see a similar topic pop up time and again: you must have engaging content!  In a highly competitive industry, such as acting as a personal injury attorney, it’s even more important to have excellent content that people want to read.

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That isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  You know how your practice works.  You know that people need your services.  But creating engaging content that they want to read is often a lot harder to do than it first appears.  Not to mention the time it takes to write it!

Today, let’s go through 3 points where your content can improve dramatically to draw in those clients.

Write for the Reader

When you’re arguing in court, it’s all about showing that you know the law, the legal bits and pieces, and anything else that will impress the judge and jury.  If you write that way, however, people will take one look and bounce off your page.

When someone needs a personal injury lawyer, they are going to search with words that they know.  Create the content that appeals to them, where they are at.  So if they’re looking for a car wreck lawyer, that’s how you need to write.

Finally, keep it specific.  Now is not the time to speak in generalities; instead, talk specifically about how you help in each particular circumstance.

Skip the Legal Jargon

While you’re speaking with other attorneys and judges, you speak in legal jargon.  If both parties fully understand it, it’s a more efficient way to talk.

Most people don’t use those words, nor do they want to use those words.  You need to convey to people, in the simplest terms, that you know what you’re doing, that you’re successful at doing it, and most importantly that you care more about taking care of them than anything else.

Don’t write like a moron, but write in a conversational tone.

Show Past Success Stories

When potential clients come to your site, they want to see that you really know what you’re talking about.  They want to see that you have taken care of similar issues in the past, and you will take care of their issues as well.  Success stories engage the idea of social proof: if it worked for others, it will work for me.

Tell the story of a client.  Show how they were suffering and it looked as though they were stuck with no options.  Tell how they found you, and how you identified with their case.  Show how you used the law to ensure that they were taken care of, and how much you recovered for them.

Case studies are a very underutilized method of drawing in clients.

Copywriter in Billings, Montana

Hire a Professional Copywriter

Handling cases for your clients takes a lot of time.  Writing is one of the last things on your mind, even though you know it’s important.  Fortunately, there are personal injury attorney copywriters out there to help.

I’m Scott Sery, and I specialize in writing case studies for personal injury attorneys.  Whether you need a one-time study, or you need ongoing PI blog services, I have helped many lawyers improve their visibility so that they can focus on growing their practice.

Want to learn more about personal injury copywriting?  Give me a call at 406.860.4407, or send me an email.

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