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revenue sharing sitesMany aspiring writers get sucked into the hollow promises of revenue sharing sites. They start their journey toward earning money online by Googling a variety of keywords. The revenue sharing sites pop up first, and they see that they can write, have their own name on the work, and not worry about building their own website. On the surface it sounds like a great deal.

Unfortunately these sites offer a lot of hollow promises. When you get into the details of them, you are often left writing for free.

What is a Revenue Sharing Site?

There are a few different ways that an aspiring writer can make money online. There are content mills: they pay a few dollars for a page of content. There are personal websites: you can sell ads, affiliate links, and do it on your own. And there are revenue sharing sites: they offer to share the revenue that your page makes off of the ads they display next to your content.


How does a Revenue Sharing Site Work?

Let’s suppose you have vast quantities of knowledge about doodads. You want to share that knowledge, but the idea of building a website (or paying someone to build it for you) feels like a bit of a stretch. You search around and discover that you can build a profile on a revenue sharing site, and get paid a portion of the ad revenue. Sounds like a good deal, especially after they show you inflated numbers on what the traffic could bring in.

Usually the way it works is that you sign up for Google AdSense (you have to already have a website in order to be AdSense approved, so this can be harder than you think), and then enter your AdSense ID into their form. Suppose they offer to share 50% of the revenue with you. That means every other ad shown on the page will have your tracking number. The other half of the ads will have their tracking number.

You can then monitor your income through your Google AdSense page; the site doesn’t have to make payments, track anything, or worry about 1099’s. They just supply the platform.


Why it’s a Waste of Your Time

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Exactly how your first payment won’t look

These sites want thousands of pages of content, but they don’t want to pay for those pages. So they offer to share revenue. What ends up happening is that your hard work bolsters their website, but you only make a few pennies off of your ads.

Now there are ways to make more on these sites. If you are active on them, promote your pages of content, and help to drive traffic, then naturally your chances of getting a click or two out of the deal are much greater.

But that begs the question of why would you do all that work to only get half of the revenue? You could set up a simple Blogspot page, something where the majority of the website building work is done for you, and collect 100% of the revenue. Or take it a step further and learn some basic WordPress coding, and have a professional looking site that reaps more than just a few pennies per month.


The Silver Lining

I know about content mills and revenue sharing sites because I have participated in them. I wrote for content mills when I was first getting started as a writer, and it was an easy way to make a couple bucks here and there. But I never earned more than about $12 or $15 per hour (often less).

I still submit the occasional page of content to some revenue sharing sites. But I don’t do it with dreams of making a lot of money. I don’t even do it with dreams of making a few pennies. I do it for the backlink and exposure. Many of these sites let you post with do-follow backlinks; and having an extra backlink out there will help your actual site.


Sery Content Development Writes Content

I have long sense moved from writing content for mills in order to make money online. Instead, I focus on providing great content that gets read, as well as search engine optimizing that content. Through my company, Sery Content Development, I can help you get FOUND online. We have helped many small businesses with their websites, and moved them up the ranks on Google.

If you are looking for website help, if you want to get found online, or if you need SEO training, give us a call at 406-839-7787, send an email, or fill out the contact form.

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