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Want Better Concentration? Try my NZT Limitless Pill

Limitless PillYou may not have seen the movie Limitless, which stars Bradley Cooper. And you may not have seen the TV show by the same name (which is like a sequel to the movie). And if you haven’t even heard of either, let me fill you in. In both the movie and the show there is a drug called NZT (or as many call it: the Limitless Pill). When taken the drug sharpens mental acuity dramatically. Those taking the pill can recall memories better, have a heightened sense of perception, and basically become smarter… for 12 hours. When the pill wears off, they go through such extreme withdrawals that some of them actually die. I’ll let you watch the movie or the show for the rest of the details.

As a writer, I want to make sure that my mind is staying on task. Sometimes the appeal of watching cat videos all day long is just too great, and I wanted to be able to focus. So I researched how to make my own NZT, or Limitless Pill, at home. Here is how I did it.

Researching NZT

NZT is completely made up. There is nothing remotely like it on any market. However, there are some pills that can be used to give your brain that mental boost that it needs for short-term clarity. They fall into two basic categories.

Prescription Drugs

Herbal Supplements

Limitless NZT Pill
Theanine Supplements

There is a legal and an illegal way of gaining access to the prescription drugs that help to boost your focus. You could take Adderall (used by those who suffer from ADHD) or Modafinil (used primarily as an anti-narcolepsy drug). Both drugs are claimed to improve focus and clarity, and both have some negative side effects (generally speaking, they dehydrate you and give you a “hangover”). I wasn’t about to go through the illegal methods of obtaining prescription drugs, and I really wasn’t too keen on spending a lot of money to visit the doctor, inflate my symptoms, and hope I get a drug that is going to end up making me sick.

So I decided to look more into the herbal supplements and how those can help.


Creating my NZT at Home

It turns out this sort of thing has been around for a long time. And people have gone far deeper into the rabbit hole than I wanted to. My goal was twofold: find a supplement that would improve my focus, and not have to order something crazy online.

The problem is that most of these supplements aren’t all that popular, and you end up having to settle.

I decided on a mixture of supplements that is supposed to sharpen your mind (there are a lot of different mixtures based on your desired outcome). The supplements I settled on are Theanine and Choline.

A quick look online and I discovered both of these can be bought at CVS. So I went over to the store.


Buying my NZT Pills

There are a lot of supplements on the shelves of pharmacies. And it took quite a while to discover the ones I was actually looking for. Finally I found them.

Theanine, also called L-Theanine, is marketed as a “Stress Formula.” In reality this supplement is an extract from Japanese green tea.

Get found online

Choline is closely related to a B vitamin. The only supplement I could find with Choline in it was a B-100 complex that is supposed to help with energy metabolism.

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Theanine is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, so I take that first thing in the morning. I take the B-100 at lunchtime.


Outcome of my Own Limitless Pill

I really don’t notice much of an effect when I take the Theanine supplement. In fact, I really don’t notice anything at all.

I do notice an effect taking the Choline/B-100. I generally have a cup of tea after lunch (I’m pretty coffee’d out by that point). I swallow down a pill and notice that during the afternoon I can concentrate a little better than on the days that I don’t take my NZT.


Side Effects of my NZT

NZT Pill at home
Choline supplements

Fortunately there aren’t any drastic side effects. I don’t get hungover, I am not dehydrated, and I’m not jittery. The only side effect that I notice is that my pee is bright yellow. I can handle having bright yellow pee.

I suspect that if I took my pill later in the afternoon I would have trouble sleeping. Generally B vitamins help to keep you alert and energized. However, that’s not a side effect I wish to test out since I have enough trouble sleeping without afternoon caffeine or B vitamins.


As a writer, internet marketer, social media manager, and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, having clarity and focus is important. It helps me stay on top of your projects.

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