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How to Overcome your Fear and Live FREE

It’s been over 13 years since I first started making money without a boss.  Through that time I have gone through a ton of ebbs and flows; from times of self doubt and fear to times feeling on top of the world.

Today, you may be eyeballing the idea of freelancing, or even starting a business on your own.  I bet your fears today are many of the same that I went through when creating my No to Grow program.

how to start a business

I’ll share a little bit of that story for you now, and I’m guessing these same fears will be similar to your own.

Why I Built No to Grow

For years now wages have been mostly stagnant.  The minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation, and with healthcare and educations costs going through the roof, millions of people have to turn to earning more money.  Some can’t even make ends meet without a second job!

The problem is that they now work twice as hard, making minimum wage in both jobs.  Nobody should be stuck in this cycle.  Instead, earning money without a boss, getting paid what you’re truly worth, and having fun doing something you want to do is the only way to go.

But people don’t know how to get there.

People are scared to take that first step.

So I created No to Grow to guide people along, one step at a time, to living the life of their dreams without the money woes.

My Five Fears that Held Me Back

Of course, building this course wasn’t just something I pounded out in a weekend.  Besides the 10+ years that it took to learn the material, it took MONTHS to get it all built into the course that’s available today.  Part of the reason it took so long: fear.  I identified five fears that held me back from getting this done sooner.

Overcoming FearFear of Wasting Time – What if I do all this work and nobody buys the course?  What if nobody even does the free course?  What if all of this was a big waste of time?

Fear of Wasting Money – Equipment, subscriptions, consultations, and more.  Building an online course isn’t free, and what if I not only wasted my time, but I wasted my money too?

Fear of Looking Stupid – I know what I’m talking about, I have done this before.  But what if I bumble through the videos?  What if I suck at sales?  What if I make a fool of myself?

Fear of Being Called OutImposter syndrome is where you feel like an imposter; that you’re swindling people.  It’s common, and it lasts a long time.  Do great work, and know that you’re not an imposter but the real deal!

Fear of Failure – It all boils down to fear of failure.  What if I don’t succeed?  The good news is that there are no failures.  Nothing you do is a failure if you have learned from it.  So try hard, and redirect if it’s not going as planned!

Why You WILL Succeed

If you’re struggling to get something going on the side, I know the feeling!  From freelancing, to starting my own business, to building this course, I have gone through all of the fears that you are facing.

Want to know what makes those fears go away?


Jumping in, getting it done, and making it happen.  As you gain confidence, those fears are suddenly waylaid, and you only have one thing left to do: kick some ass.

I am certain that if you keep pushing forward, you will succeed.  So it’s time to get started.  Sign up, for FREE, at, and get started on your journey toward living a life filled with FREEDOM.

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Conquer your fear with my guidance to becoming your own boss.

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