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Why You should Ditch the Job and Make Your Own Money

Years ago I was stuck in a job that was rather unfulfilling.  The pay was on the low end, and despite my best efforts, it didn’t look like it would ever rise up to where I felt I was worth.  I wasn’t able to live life how I truly wanted to live it.

It didn’t help that my wife made more than I did; not that I felt emasculated by that fact, but I felt that I wasn’t working as hard or pulling my weight.

I had to make a change.

Makoshika park no to grow live a free life

Learning to Earn Money on the Side

An opportunity came up that allowed me to write a couple of articles for a local magazine.  It wasn’t anything I was searching out, but I had met the publisher and we shared similar interests.  I agreed, and after being paid to write about something I enjoyed, I realized that I wasn’t completely stuck in my low paying job.

For the next few years I started to expand my freelance writing business.  I made a lot of mistakes along the way, accepted jobs that paid hardly anything, but with every word I typed, I advanced toward living a life of freedom where I got to choose how things happen.

Ditching the Day Job to be my Own Boss

It was late 2012 and a cold November day when my son was born.  His arrival was a bit unexpected at 7 weeks early.  But we had prepared for this moment, and the extra income coming from the side gigs helped offset the costs of a baby.

When maternity leave was over, my wife went back to work, and I ditched the office job to be a full time dad and work for myself part time.  No more clocking in, being at a desk all day long, or asking permission for days off or time off.

Expanding as my Own Boss

Life a free life, fish all the daysIt’s been 9 years, and I have yet to miss going to the office.

Is running your own business hard?  At times it can certainly be difficult!

Is it worthwhile?  Absolutely!

Now, as I look back, I realize why I wanted to be on my own.  I craved the freedom that comes with living life on my own terms.

I can pack up on a Wednesday afternoon and go hunting, fishing, or for a mountain hike if I’m not feeling the work life.

I can take a random Tuesday off to go rock climbing with a friend that also has that random Tuesday off.

I can spend every single Friday afternoon with my son, now 8 years old, running around on the Rimrocks, fishing the river, riding bikes, or just taking it easy and watching movies.

No more rat race for me, just living a free life that doesn’t rely on someone else for an income.

Expanding the Offer to You; You can Live a Free Life!

Last year I looked back on where I had come from and where I was now.  I realized that all of my ups and downs, mistakes and blunders, and everything I learned along the way could be summed up in a book, course, or training session.

Kicking around a few ideas, I settled into offering it all as an online course.  Then I set about building it.

Today, No to Grow is available to you.  I guide you from having no idea how to earn money without a boss, to growing that idea.  From start to your first handful of clients, you get to benefit from my YEARS of bumbling along!

Best of all, you can get started absolutely free.  No matter where you are in life, this free section can provide you value and enhance your life.

Check it out; it’s called No to Grow.  And I’m excited to see you discover how to live a FREE LIFE!

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