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Website LayoutAs I have been getting off the ground with Sery Content Development, this website has been neglected a little bit. In an effort to remedy that, I need to get some content posted. This isn’t the exciting stuff that usually goes up; no tips and tricks on SEO here. Basically an update on what has been going on recently.

 Sery Content Development is Busy

I started freelancing on the side around 8 years ago. This work is nothing new, and I used those freelancing days to establish my writing style, learn about SEO and content writing, and to understand the basics of WordPress and how to successfully create a website and become ranked well for various keywords. I was still unprepared for how busy and how much work it is to start a business.

Even though I wasn’t starting from scratch, there is a ton to do when launching a business. I had to track down the right people to use as employees, have the graphic designer get some logos, marketing material, and website design drawn up, get business cards for my head of sales, and all the while still make sure to give the appropriate attention to my existing clients (and the new ones coming in). Needless to say, it’s been busy.

Working with Clients, Old and New

Many of my clients have been around for quite some time. I still provide backlinks and content for the dangerous drug attorneys over at Arentz Law. But I have taken on some others.

Mike Lee is an expert in the legal field. But he’s not an attorney. He can help you get set up with Legal Shield. If you need a will prepared, check out Sery Content Development is helping Mike run his Facebook page.

Jesse Sanchez owns and runs J&J Construction. We are in the process of building him a new website (which I need to go in and add content, another on the mile long to-do list). He has been working hard at his business, and we have been working hard to help build his social media presence.

iDoctor has expanded to two locations in Billings. In part because we are helping them build a very strong web presence. We switched focus a little, and started adding two pages of content per week instead of just one. You can read their latest about Z Nitro screen protectors.

As usual, we still provide regular content to,, and a couple others.

We have been working closely with Webgrain and their clients to optimize their new websites. We have put in hours of work on the Valet Today Cleaners site, the Miles City Airport site, and the Tolliver Law Firm site. Partnering with them has been great, and it’s a pleasure working with one of the best web design companies in Billings.

A+ Accounting remains ranked at, or near, the top of the search engines.  Thanks to the hard work put into their site over the months.  If you haven’t read their story, check out how I got A+ Accounting and Consulting to the top spot on Google.

And as usual, I have continued as the content coordinator for the Rimrock Neighbors Magazine. It’s great to get to know people around Billings and to be able to write their story!

More to Come from Sery Content Development

Sery Content Development is starting to take off. With more and more businesses learning about us, and hopefully becoming clients, we can establish ourselves as a strong content development and SEO company in the Billings, Montana area. Until is up and running, content and learning about our services is still through this site.

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