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logoThis article is part of an ongoing series where I highlight one of my clients every week. I show what I have done for them, and how it has helped to improve their Google search results. As a writer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, I want to help businesses succeed with their web presence. These are the success stories.


It all Starts with Networking

In summer 2014 I was approached by two different people regarding the networking group Biz to Biz. Since I was trying to grow my content development business anyway, I thought it would be a great opportunity to spread my reach. Within a few weeks of joining, I had multiple people interested in using my services. One of those was Mike Wombolt from A+ Accounting & Consulting.

Initial Meeting

I sat down to talk with Mike and I explained how I had taken myself from page 5 on Google, all the way to the top spot when you search for “writer Billings, Montana.” He stated that was what he wanted to do, so we developed a plan.

It turns out that A+ was already running a Google AdWords campaign. However, unless you dump a lot of money into these campaigns, you rarely see any sort of return on them. Mike was already frustrated with the results, and as soon as we talked he decided to cancel that campaign and hire me to do the work. For the same budget that he was spending on the AdWords, I was able to provide 3 pages of content for his site each week, as well as 3 backlinks each week.

Prepping the A+ Accounting Site

When I first got started working on the A+ Accounting website, I noticed that they weren’t even on Google. Inside of WordPress you can select a box so that the site is not indexed. This means that Google won’t even track your site. After I had fixed that little bug, I checked in about a week. When you searched for “accountant Billings, Montana” his site was found on the middle of page 7. This was the middle of November 2014.

I worked to optimize the site by adding articles that had to do with accounting, finances, business, payroll, and a host of other topics (check out the A+ Accounting blog if you want to read any of those). On each page I would use keywords like “payroll services” and “accountant Billings, Montana” in order to boost the ranks.

Every two or three weeks I would check back, and the site quickly rose through the pages. This was to be expected as many of the sites that were listed before A+ were not really related, but had included the word accountant or accounting a couple of times. Around the middle of page 2 things slowed down considerably.

Checking the competition, I knew that it wouldn’t be hard to boost past them. The only reason some of the other accountants were listed higher was because they had an older website or more traffic to their site. It was just a matter of time.

Consistently adding content, and putting backlinks around the web pays off. Every time. Obviously there is work done on the backend as well (read my article on internal optimization to learn about that), but the trick is to regularly add a lot of content that shows you are a professional. By the middle of April 2015, 5 months after we started, A+ Accounting & Consulting could be found in the number one spot when you Google “Accountant Billings, Montana.” This coveted spot is sure to drive a lot of business their way over the years.

A+ Accounting

The work isn’t done yet. As a full service accounting firm in Billings, A+ Accounting & Consulting has a host of other services that they need to be at the top of Google for. Over the next few months I will put them there. Currently I am targeting payroll services.

Writer and SEO Expert in Billings, Montana

As a writer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, I have a proven track record of bringing sites up in the Google ranks. If you want to be noticed online; if you want that number one spot on Google for various keywords; I can get you there.

Email me, or call me at 406.860.4407 to learn more about how my services as a writer and SEO expert can help your business increase and develop your web presence. In the end, you will get more clients, and increase your bottom line.

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