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… Let Tomorrow Worry About Tomorrow

As humans, we tend to worry.  We worry about the weather; we worry about our finances; we worry about our loved ones; and we worry about worrying too much.  But how many of us have wasted a whole lot of time worrying?  And how much good has that done?

Don't Worry Trust God

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?… don’t be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.” – Matthew 6:27 & 34

Let’s take a closer look to see what we should be doing instead of worrying.

Preparing vs. Being Worried

Content marketing services in BillingsStress and worrying do nothing but cause damage.  It’s well documented that too much stress and worrying too much can take a toll on your health, and ultimately could prove to be fatal by leading to a heart attack.  But there are some who insist that worrying helps them to be better prepared for whatever comes their way.

The problem is that worrying is not the same as being prepared.  For instance, when I am making calls to meet with people regarding their website or social media, I am often worried that they will say no.  However, I go into each call with my script prepared and expecting them to say yes.  My worries are actually probably hurting me and dragging me down; they aren’t helping at all.

Suppose you are going on vacation.  You’re worried the plane might crash, or worried the house won’t be in good hands while you’re gone, or worried that the weather won’t cooperate.  Does worrying about the plane mean the plane won’t crash?  Does worrying about the house mean nothing bad will happen?  Does worrying about the weather mean that you will have good weather?  Worries are wasted energy that do nothing but reduce your enjoyment of life.

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Be Where Your Feet Are

SEO in Billings, MontanaI was a member of Biz to Biz.  Our group has taken a bit of a different approach to the group, and we’re working our way through the book “Chop Wood Carry Water”.  It’s a great book designed to provide little snippets of insight on how to live your life to the fullest.

Chapter 19 is titled, “Be Where Your Feet Are”.  The idea is that you need to stop worrying about the past, and stop stressing about the future.  Be concerned with where your feet are at the present moment.  Josh Medcalf says that there is no pressure in the moment; pressure comes when you think about the past and the future.

Take a look at your own life.  Look at all the worries you have.  Are they stemming from the past (something that’s over and done and can’t be changed), or from the future (specifically something uncontrollable that no matter what you do the outcome will always be the same)?  If so, then you need to learn to be where your feet are.


The Art of Stress Free Living

Stress is a killer.  But stress is also entirely made up.  Your mind creates the stress by composing imaginary scenarios that are very unlikely to happen.  Fortunately, there is a way out of stressful living.

Be prepared: do what you can to prepare for the best possible outcome.

Do your best: strive hard to create the best possible outcome.

Learn: if you fail, learn from your mistakes and try again with a different point of attack.

Grow: no matter what happens, become better.

Smile and give thanks: being grateful changes your attitude, smiling can reduce blood pressure.  Do both regularly.


Are you living a stressful life?  It’s time to be where your feet are and get rid of that stress!

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