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Get them on the hook

If you are a blogger you know that you need people to read your website.  Without readers there is no hope of earning money from advertising, there is no hope of sustainability, and you might as well be scribbling in your journal before you tuck it under your bed at night.  But the bane of many bloggers is getting people to actually come to their site, read their content, and click on their advertisers or buy their books and programs.  So how do you get people to visit your site and ultimately provide you an income?  The process is fairly simple; in fact, you only need to do one thing.

Quadruple Your Website Views

By implementing this one thing to your blog, you can quadruple your website views literally overnight.  It’s not a gimmick, it’s not a “Pay me $100 and I’ll send 10,000 readers your way” scam, and it’s definitely not illegal.  This method has been proven over and over, and if you do it correctly you could actually increase your views even more than four fold.  Do it properly and your blog post could go viral generating millions of views in a matter of hours.

Suppose your site has very low readership.  I’m talking 10 people per day is a good day.  What would it mean for you if you could turn that number into 10,000 views tomorrow?  How much would it be worth to you to turn generate a million views per month, and all it took you was 30 minutes per day?  It’s not as farfetched as you may think.

It’s not a Zero Sum Game

When starting a website, there are a lot of people who think “there are so many websites out there, why would mine attract any interest?”  This misconception is based on the idea that site visitation is a zero sum game.  Think about your browsing activity.  Do you have a limit on how many websites you can visit in a single day?  You hit 10 and suddenly you’re done?  Of course not!  If something interests you, then you keep clicking buttons, expanding your knowledge, and reading more.  Just think of websites like Reddit, their whole model is based on the idea that you intrigue people enough to keep clicking, and thus they stay on the site longer.

What’s the One Trick for More Website Views Already?

Ok I have kept you waiting long enough.  I wanted to make sure you actually read the content instead of glancing and passing it off.  To bring in more people, to have more website views, more readers, and ultimately more conversion, you have to do this one simple thing: snag them hook, line, and sinker.

Grabbing the attention of your reader is imperative to keep them on your site, but you need a headline that wows, generates interest, and makes people want to learn more.  You can see this done in a dozen different ways all over the place.

How many of us have seen the ads, “Woman beats cancer with this one weird trick”?  They are everywhere.  Why?  Because they work!  Cancer is a hot topic for millions of people.  And those who have cancer want to do anything they possibly can to get rid of it, and that often means spending vast amounts of money on organic juices, weird diets, eating novelty fruits, etc.  People have taken advantage of this emotional draw, and they have created E-books with fad diets claiming they prevent or cure cancer.  Those suffering click, buy the E-book, and perpetuate these ads.

Now I am not advocating any scams here (yes, I believe tricking someone into buying your E-book that claims to cure cancer based on unscientific “facts” is a scam).  I am talking about doing your research, imparting knowledge that benefits those around you, and writing a headline that captures a person’s attention (the hook), writing content that keeps them engaged (the line), and promoting feedback, views of other pages, following ads, or buying products (the sinker).  No scams, just providing value to people and getting paid for it.

Increase Your Website Views Today

If you want more website views, you have to put in a little bit of effort.  You can write what’s on your mind and hope that it captures enough attention, or you can put a little more effort into it and focus on what people want to hear.  People want to hear how to bring in more readers to their website, so that is what I am focusing on.

What I write on this blog is designed to impart knowledge to those who visit.  As I learn new concepts, I want to pass that knowledge along to others.  Follow me on my journey to increase website views by writing headlines that intrigue, content that wows, and follow-ups that promote more reading.

As a writer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana, my job is to bring sites up in the search engine rankings.  If you need help optimizing your site, let me know via email and we can figure out something that works for both of us!

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