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Internal SEO Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way that you will get your website noticed online. There are ways that you can get noticed without optimizing your website, but it takes a whole lot of time. For instance, you can get by with just providing outstanding content to your website, after all, content is king. However, if you spend just a little extra time optimizing your website, then you will significantly boost your site.

Now there are regular ongoing little things that you need to do. If you haven’t taken the time to read my series on search engine optimization, then do so now.   Start by reading about content, then internal optimization, and then external optimization.

But if you need a huge boost all at once, then you need to run an SEO campaign. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds, and can be done by putting in as little as an extra two hours during the week.

Start with SEO Content

Let’s suppose that you want to get ranked well for a particular keyword. However, you are stuck on page 2 of Google, and with your regular updates you simply aren’t moving any higher. It is time for an SEO campaign, and it all starts with having fantastic content.

I am a big fan of providing no less than 3 pages of content every week. Any less than 3 pages and you are not going to move nearly as fast as you would like. However, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have MORE than 3 pages each week. During your campaign, you will want to have at least 5 pages.

Sit down for 15 minutes and plan out 5 topics that relate to the keyword that you want to target. If you can come up with 10, that’s even better. Now that you have the topics, half the battle in your search engine optimization campaign is over.

However, the next step is the most time consuming. In order to write a decent article, one that is going to rank well, you need to put in some time. The word count isn’t necessarily important other than the fact that more words means you put in more time and there are more possibilities of seeing your keyword show up. Google likes this, so those articles that are 500+ words are ranked better for the simple fact that you’re not just pumping out 150 words and moving on to the next task (these types of articles have their time and place, don’t discount the short article completely).

Sit down in one day and write all 5 articles if possible. Then using WordPress you can schedule those articles to post each day around the same time. This makes things easier for your regular readers. They often check at the same time of day every day, if your posts are too inconsistent, then they will miss something. But you’re not quite done with your campaign.

Internal Search Engine Optimization

Any page of content can boost your site’s rank for any words on the page. If you remember, I wrote extensively about various subjects, but I wanted to rank better for “writer Billings, Montana”. I never targeted those particular keywords, but I boosted myself from page 5 to the top spot on Google in just 6 weeks. Using a campaign I could have moved even faster.

Using a campaign you will want to target the same keyword or keyword string in every single article. For instance, if I wanted to rank better for SEO Expert Billings Montana, I would target the words “SEO Expert” in every article. This would significantly improve my rankings, although it could cause problems in the flow of the article. Targeting those keywords can lead to unnatural sentences.

Head over to the Internal Optimization page to learn more about how to do all of that internal tagging work. I talk about how to use headers, meta descriptions, alt tags on images, and the like. It’s pretty easy to do.

External Search Engine Optimization

Now you have 5 pages of content lined up and ready to go. You are now ready for the most time consuming part of your campaign. You need to plug your site and get some serious backlinks going. Here is my recommendation:

Every day shoot for at least 10 backlinks. You will want some do-follow and some no-follow, but just try to get as many as possible. Each backlink should direct back to the page of content that you just posted that morning.

Every day, update your Tumblr page with a little blurb about the topic. Insert a backlink.

Every day, submit an article to an article directory site, revenue sharing site, or a guest article. Insert a backlink.

Every day, comment on multiple related blogs. Comment something worthwhile instead of spamming, and use the page of content as your website (this gets you a nice deep backlink).

Every day, plug your newest work on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media that you use. These backlinks won’t count as much, but they will drive traffic (more traffic means better rankings).

Every day, put links on your other websites pointing to the work you did. For instance, I recently wrote about the Miles City Airport, and I want to make sure that site ranks well. I’m giving them a backlink here.

Those 10 backlinks can be done in very little time if you know what you are doing. Once you have the locations for the links, and then start plugging away. At the end of the week you will have 50+ backlinks out there that Google can pick up on.

Running your SEO Campaign

Depending on how much time you have, your SEO campaign may be bigger, or it may be smaller, than what I just described. The good news is that this is all perfectly scalable. If you generally provide 1 page of content each week, your campaign should provide 3. If you generally write 5 pages of content per week, then your campaign will boost that to 10. The idea is that it’s a big boost above what you usually do in order to give your site the nudge that it needs.

Of course you may be too busy to run a campaign. That’s where I come in. I am a web content developer and SEO expert in Billings, Montana. I can help your site get noticed on Google. Whether you want ongoing work, or just that one time SEO campaign, I can help you move through the ranks. I did it with my site, I did it with A+ Accounting, and I can do it with yours. Email me, or call me at 406.860.4407 to learn more about how I can bring you more business.

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