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FacebookTo drive traffic to your well written content, that has been optimized internally and externally, you must promote your website. This means you need to have multiple places where you can “sell” your site to readers (no you’re not actually selling it, but you’re convincing people to make their way over and read what you have to say). On Monday I talked about using LinkedIn to drive some traffic, I have also talked about using Twitter effectively. Today we are going to look at how Facebook can help boost the traffic to your website.

Update Your Personal Page

Before you even get started, you want to make sure that all of your friends, family, and other connections know that you have a webpage. That means you will want to update your profile to include an outgoing link. Remember that all changes you make show up on your friends’ news feed, so one day you will want to update your webpage. The next day you will want to update your work history to include the fact that you have a website. The more changes you can make, and the more you spread them around, the more of your friends will see what you do.

Create a Website Page

Since you will not want to add anyone and everyone to your personal Facebook page, it is important that you create a page dedicated to your website. Keep in mind that this site needs to remain professional and associated with your site, so your “work” page will reflect the values you have set forth for your site. Get all of the data for this page input, and then start inviting your friends. It is important that you advertise this page too; on your website you will need to have a “Find us on Facebook!” link.

Join Facebook Groups

Just like LinkedIn, there are thousands (if not millions) of groups. Chances are there is a group that relates to your website’s niche. Find those groups and join. Just like on LinkedIn you will want to keep in mind the unwritten (and written) rules. First rule is that you do not spam. If you write something useful, then by all means share it with others. But make sure that you are sharing other people’s work as well as your own. Second rule is that your main priority on this site is to be a resource to others; not to push your own work.

Share Statuses Often

Here is where it gets tricky with a personal Facebook page and a website page. All day long you should be updating your website page; sharing tips, responding to comments, linking to your website, and promoting yourself (as well as other useful resources). Posting 10 times per day wouldn’t be excessive. However, if you do this on your personal page, your friends are going to hate you. Every now and then (read as once per week at the most) you can promote your own website, and occasionally you can do a shameless plug about your other Facebook page. But that is all. Keep work and personal separate.

Be an Expert and Help Others

Your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your website, create clients, and make some money. However, that will not happen if you are just showing off what you have. You need to provide high quality content (such that other websites don’t offer), and you need to be willing to help others without demanding payment. By being an expert and helping others to succeed, you will be seen in a glowing light. People will WANT to buy from you and seek you out.

Post Ads

Promoting your website should happen naturally. If you are writing high quality articles that help people to learn, then you will naturally bring in traffic. Unfortunately there is a steep curve, and in those first months people will not just find you. Facebook is incredibly popular, and their targeted ad service really does work. Test it out for a little while and see what kind of traffic it brings to you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Effectively Using Facebook

Facebook can be an excellent tool to help drive traffic. In fact, if you write an amazing post, Facebook is where it will go viral (Twitter as well to an extent). But keep in mind, virality happens because you don’t try for it; it happens because you show off what you know best. Use Facebook to promote your website and you will see your traffic increase.

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